The Killing Room

The Killing Room

Four volunteers sign up for what initially appears to be a typical paid research study, only to discover that they've unwittingly become involved with a classified government program that was said to have been terminated nearly two decades ago.

With many mysterious and interesting details, the film is about four individuals who sign up for a psychological research study only to discover that they are now subjects of a brutal, classified government program. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (ca) wrote: This is more of a drama then horror movie. I mean if they just have some horror theme in it and call it a horror movie, it's a bit misleading. The stories were very interesting and kept me interested regardless. But don't expect anything scary to jump out.

kiana h (nl) wrote: i just took it because santa is coming in a while jejeje q infantil

Stacey S (it) wrote: Opening for a whimsical movie... and Carol Burnett, HELLO. Funny stuff.

Michael S (ru) wrote: At 100 minutes in length this is possibly the longest iambic pentameter I have ever heard, started and finished by a very cool and quirky dirt-obsessed house cleaner. The result of this format is both incredibly clever and unfortunately irritating. Australian-based Irish New Zealander Sam Neil plays the adulterous British husband of an Irish-American woman who falls for a passionate Labanese Muslim chef before it all turns to custard (pun about a cliche, I know) because of cultural and religious differences (cliche, I know) before her prayers to God bring her new lover back to her (cliche, I know).

Herman20 F (ru) wrote: Soapdish is the sort of movie that's rarely seen as far as comedies go. When I first saw this, my first impressions were that of the 40s comedies which had that situational storyline and the manner in which it's told. Highly recommend it if you're into these kinds of movies.

Roy C (fr) wrote: Stupid Martian surfer nephews land and are met by 'Hulk Hogan' and his shotgun squad.

Mark O (ru) wrote: amazing movie. really worth finding.

Ralph R (it) wrote: No sir, I don't like it.

alexandra b (it) wrote: this is one of the best movies i ever seen. is the best.

Stephen G (mx) wrote: The film is pretty funny, it's beautifully shot. The film seems to be mildly unsure of what it wants to say about relationships. Joaquin's performance is pretty good, he gives it everything he's got and he's not afraid to look weird. It's a bit too long. Amy coulda been more likable. It's probably worth a watch.

Mr F (es) wrote: FB i was impressed. quite the comedy! glad i saw this movie. 4 STARS all the way!