The Killings at Outpost Zeta

The Killings at Outpost Zeta

A team of men and women investigate the mysterious deaths of two previous expeditions to a strategically important but barren world.

A team of men and women investigate the mysterious deaths of two previous expeditions to a strategically important but barren world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (au) wrote: Warning: for film lovers only! this movie gets deeeep into film making in the city of LA. Thats LA not Los Angeles or Hollywood. You will learn a lot if your interested. I didn't care much for the narrators monotonous voice and once in a while his pros get douchey the way many film reviewers do, trying to hard to sound clever instead of making his point. learned a lot.

Rachel C (jp) wrote: I recognized Paul Dano at first sight.

Timothy Z (au) wrote: Perfect movie for a day of laughs!

John B (nl) wrote: Likely something that your mom would like. two married people go through life having an affair once a year at the same hotel. They talk about their lives and how they have changed but they still have each other. Slightly barfy.

Dakotah S (mx) wrote: The Undertaker and his Pals is beyond one of the most retarded and stupidest and disturbing cult films ever made. The only way i found this movie, which I'm pretty sure it would be rare to find, is to get this $5 Horror Collection called "Horror: Do Not Watch Alone" which featured a lot of really good horror movies, this is not one of them, but really look that up. Honestly, the biggest piece of crap ever, i cannot really explain what makes it so terrible, the only good things i could say it was fucking hilarious, the editing and sound effects were so terrible. The death scenes in the movie are so awful, especially in the first scene, where the entire thing switches from black to white to color, and it's done so tasteless, but then you see the picture change faces, that was hilarious. I cannot explain this movie to you in no way, the story is about the Undertaker and His Pals who are just trying to make tons of money, and the Pals are working in a diner where they use human parts and convince that they were hot dogs or hamburgers, and the Undertaker is a funeral director, he basically rips off people with the money. The thing about this movie is that it's unexplainable how bad the filmmaking and story is, that i actually recommend you to find it because it is just so awful that it's unbelievably hilarious. I just...IDK!

jay n (mx) wrote: A contender for Cary's worst film, leering and unpleasant

Toronto D (us) wrote: "The Human Beast" is a great example of film noir a decade before the genre existed. In this film Renoir takes us on a tour of what seems to be a working class utopia with train engineer Lantier as our guide. However, like his own beloved locomotive, Lantier's life is always one overheated axle away from derailing! Jean Renoir paints a loving portrait of the everyman: a contented "human beast" with reliable friends, pride in his hard work and a mistress in each railway town. By altering between realistic location shots and dramatically lit cinematic fantasy compositions, Renoir takes us back and forth between the familiar reality of working class society, and a more invasive look at the same people's dirty secrets. Renoir, of course, then indulges in using an upper class scumbag to instigate a series of events that lead to the murders, jealousy and love triangles that motivate the intrigue and drama for the rest of the film. The actors perform in an understated manner, and thereby the acting feels very modern and accessible. Just a simple glance between two characters reveals their relationship more effectively than the cliche Hollywood "tear-jerk scene". Gabin is especially good at portraying a character that reminded me of Ed Norton's Narrator in Fight Club, while Simone Simon is equal parts sex kitten and evil seductress, so much so that we can't tell which of those is her personality, and which is her front. Fernand Ledoux portrays the third part of the main love triangle as an impulsively violent Tyler Durden-type, although overwhelmed by a pathetic streak of regret that would inevitably plague a man with such a personality. Instead of raging against his society, like The Narrator from Fight Club, Lantier laments the internal source of his demons, even before the film begins, with an onscreen quote from Emile Zola's novel of the same name. Regardless of this internalization, Renoir's film is just as scathing with his dissection of French society's class structure, as Fincher's is with his anti-capitalism opus. In the end, while the modern Fincher goes for the gusto, Renoir chooses to shun the catastrophic ending of his source material for something more effectively cinematic. I would recommend the film to anyone who enjoys film noir, murderous love triangles or particularly, trains. After all, the one true love that lasts for the entire film is between Lantier and his locomotive, Lison. This is yet another great film from the man Orson Welles called, "The Greatest of all Directors".

Dave L (kr) wrote: If you're going to watch this do so baked. It'll rock your world.

Freddie F (gb) wrote: Interesting, but too brief, and not multi-faceted enough. We need dissenting opinions here. Where are the folks who are willing to say "Jodorowsky's film would have never worked." Every studio turned it down, but every person interviewed in the film sings its praises. Just a side of the story that isn't touched upon enough. And the end section was a little much. Listen, I kiss the ground that Jodorowsky walks on -- I think he is a genius and one of the greatest filmmakers ever. But to suggest that Star Wars owes something to his vision of Dune, or that there would never be a William Gibson if it wasn't for Jodorowsky's Dune, is pretty absurd (in my opinion). The connection to Ridley Scott's Alien is welcome though. That's something that I've always wondered why no one discussed. Definitely a commercialization (perfectly embodied by Jodorowsky compared to Scott) of the Dune 'dream team'.Very entertaining, and will shed light on this forgotten project for a lot of people who weren't familiar with it. But the Richard Stanley 'Lost Souls' doc is a far more well done and fascinating portrait of a doomed production. Though the story of Jodorowsky's failure is a far more optimistic tale than Stanley's (who speaks in this film about Dune, coincidentally).

Pedrito F (gb) wrote: No inmolation no virgins for you in heaven Ossama. I guess that AK was for decoration. We will never know the truth so this story looks better than "official versions", and is really well made since it is not a documentary.

John C (ag) wrote: A new Korean nation will rise from the blood of her parents!

Shane G (ru) wrote: The Funhouse Massacre is certainly worth the price of admission and the overpriced box of and frightening at the same time! The perfect combination of scares and humor...superbly written and acted... it delivers at all the right times!