The King

The King

The King is a 1995 Malayalam action thriller film. Directed by Shaji Kailas and written by Renji Panicker with Mammootty in the title role as district collector.

The city of Kozhikode suddenly witnesses a massive communal riot, claiming 12 people. Madhukumar (Appa Haja)... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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General G (fr) wrote: I don't know what to make of this. Only thing I can say from reading the description for the movie, I was like, put the DVD in. I was disappointed though, greatly disappointed. Such potential and it becomes a total failure. One thing to say or ask.....Batman: Arkham Asylum?...Lmao. When I read the description, that game came to mind which is why I wanted to see it and even a game with that type of setting was more scary than this movie!Was hardly scary, hardly a mystery and hardly suspenseful. I really don't know to make heads or tails on this because along with equal amount of bad things about it, there are some good things. First off, the design of the wolf was genius! it just looks creepy even if your some little boy. Then his tools and gadgets were awesome. That's about the only thing I like. The other Asylum's inmates were genius too. You have bulky guy that hates red, a cannibal, a funny one that like toes, ok, so they creepy too. So it was kind of creepy here and there. Its just the killings and suspense though. Wasn't gory enough either. They were horrible. Like they were times the inmates would confront one another and you be looking forward to a showdown and don't even get a preview.... The acting was horrible too.So, yeah, so much potential but was executed wrong. If I had made this, some parts in the beginning would have been taken out to get you to the Asylum as soon as possible. Plus pump up the level of killing. Other than that, I do not have a really great review for this in the end. It was...I don't know, could have been much much better. The trailer was better than the movie its self!

Jaime A (jp) wrote: Not very good but will entertain little kids.

Tom M (mx) wrote: Excellent movie showing the conflicts in sports, war and every day life, with plenty of pretty images and music.

Tony K (es) wrote: "You never been to Harlem before?!?!" Hahaha, classic. I love this movie. I grew up on this movie! Definitely a keeper on my list! And let's face it. Halle Berry is a FOX in this movie! "Left, right,, out, in......hump, half-hump, right-hump, full-hump......"

irene c (fr) wrote: excellent movie. based slightly on the spanish movie, "tied me up, tie me down". farrah fawcett does an incredible act. it is a thriller, and it will keep you in suspense for most of it, wondering what will she do next and what would you do if you were in her shoes.

Andy S (ag) wrote: Follow That Bird is a good example of how to bring Sesame Street to the big screen The Story Follows Big Bird as he is sent to Illinois to live with a dodo family unhappy with his new family he runs away and tries to head back to Sesame Street before A bird social worker or two unsuccessful circus owners get him so its up to members of Sesame Street to get him first

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Andy R (au) wrote: a classic christmas movie and one of the best Christmas movies of all time

Logan M (mx) wrote: Below average comedy + moderate action = 2.5 stars.