The King Is Dead!

The King Is Dead!

A happy, unsuspecting couple, Max (Dan Wyllie) and Therese (Bojana Novakovic), buy a house in what appears to be a quiet, friendly neighbourhood. Settling in well, they make friends with a nice family on one side and soon meet a more interesting family on the other side. But interesting soon becomes loud and loud soon becomes intolerable. When the intolerable becomes violent and the police are powerless, Max and Therese attempt to take matters into their own hands.

A young couple buy a house but their neighbor is a drug dealer who originates many troubles so they create a plan to move him out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher C (gb) wrote: The lead up to the sinking was done very well. After that the bad acting became more prominent. The story also slows to a crawl. Overall it's a very boring with one good scene. The sinking.

Nir E (jp) wrote: An intriguing and disturbing view

Mark C (ca) wrote: Mexican film is getting weird... and I like it.

SOFIA D (ru) wrote: I loved it! However i gave it 4-1/2 stars because cyber bullying doesnt happen like this i dont think, but some of my friends say that this is a true story, which i could believe in a sense but what would I know. But and amazing movie overall!?????

Kathleen R (de) wrote: The very last scene seemed a bit...implausible...but the film as a whole was charming.

Akhil A (br) wrote: Content wise i found this one more engaging than heartbeats...Dolan is someone to look out for....!

Harry M (kr) wrote: I enjoyed the earlier version with Gary Oldman and Richard Dreyfuss. I want to see this spin.

Kevin S (us) wrote: The only interesting thing about the movie is the title.

Kevin M W (jp) wrote: Who is the man behind the name on perhaps 50% of screen entertainment we see every year (that's only my own rough guess, it's probably even more!)? Here is a brief thumbnail overview and the merest idea of the guy who started it all. Produced by the family and organization he started the film lacks his own personal touch (and real documentary value: for instance, the lifelong cigarette smoker - he chain smoked, it finally killed him - is never shown even once with one in his hand) but not his personal warmth, serving up a reverential glimmer of one heck of an American original. Although interesting to any self-styled social historian curious about root fundamentals of American culture, this one's especially for the legions of fans.

Richard D (br) wrote: So many talented people in this terrible film. There are a few good moments of tension but everything else is ridiculous, inaccurate, implausible and down right boring. The actress playing the Chief of Staff is laughable. The villain is the President of the USA and there are a total of 3 people protecting him. What? Skip it.

Jc E (jp) wrote: A scrumptious feast for the actors and for us audience, a delightful moving tale of Taiwanese master chef widower's tender loving care for his three daughters. Dinner every night was a labor of love for the chef who compulsively cooked up a banquet for his three daughters with food fit for a king. The story was especially heartwarming for one who has visited and know the life in Taiwan.

Golia K (de) wrote: It is not effective as a suspense film. Aside from one or two sequences, it doesn't work at al

J L (au) wrote: One of my all time favorites. it has many of my most loved actors and actresses in it. And it is one heck of a good musical!

Tom B (br) wrote: Nicholas Cage starred in this not so famous sequel to Bad Lieutenant; where he tries a little bit too hard to copy Harvey Keitel's original character; to a point where (in my opinion) he makes a histrionical fool of himself. It's one of those films that added fuel to his career downfall after The Wicker Man. Many critics gave this a glowing review, but nobody seemed to care enough to give it a proper widescreen theatre release. I found the movie to be very unimaginative. A film about a bad cop isn't a very original idea nowadays, or back in 2009. I need to see more than drugs, murder, and corruption in order to be impressed. This is nothing that anyone hasn't already seen before and it didn't even have a good ending to save it.

Bryan R (gb) wrote: Stylish, but not enough so that I can forgive the plodding story and tired ending.

Andr D (ca) wrote: Peter O'Toole y Audrey Hepburn exudan una gran qumica en esta comedia romntica sobre el robo de una escultura. La gran fotografa, la direccin de arte y los dilogos ingeniosos hacen de "How To Steal A Million" todo un postre cinematogrfico.

Bill B (gb) wrote: This was a random Netfux DVD rental and I have to say that while it's ultimately a bit depressing, the wife and I both enjoyed it quite a bit. Hader and Wiig are very charming and convincing as siblings and the little dance number that they do is really a big selling point, because it just felt very real for the characters.Rental?