The King of Najayo

The King of Najayo

The dramatic story of Julian, a Dominican drug lord who despite his confinement in prison, was still able to maintain Dominican society in a state of suspense, for over 13 years. At the ...

The dramatic story of Julian, a Dominican drug lord who despite his confinement in prison, was still able to maintain Dominican society in a state of suspense, for over 13 years. At the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William v (au) wrote: Interesting look into the world of artist vs record companies. Not only for 30 sec to Mars fans

Francisco S (ru) wrote: Home Alone: The Holiday Heist has a promising start, and being a failed tentative of make an original movie of this franchise, this movie lacks of humour sense, good actors, or less cliches.

Jesse O (gb) wrote: You know, just cause a movie has a cool twist, a surprise in and of itself, does not instantly make this film into a good one. I say this because, for some reason, this film has a surprisingly positive reaction on this here website. Positive might be overstating the point but, according to the Flixster user score, 55% of people gave this film a rating of 3.5 stars or better. And I just don't see what this film could've possibly offered, past the twist, to make them think that this film was really good or possibly even better than that. Yes, this is definitely a more psychological film than it is a straight-up horror movie, but I found this film to be incredibly dull and, worst of all, an absolute chore to get through. This is probably the worst thing a movie can do, even above being terrible, because if a film is a chore to get through then you can shut it off and you wouldn't even really care enough to be bothered by the fact that you didn't finish the film. At least, in my opinion, with a terrible movie, you're feeling something about the film. There's a reaction. And the review itself would actually be very therapeutic if it's a particularly bad movie. A film that's dull or a chore to get through doesn't really inspire anything, it's not like you want to review it. The problem with this film, outside of the fact that it's 90 minutes of nothing and 15 minutes of a good climax, is the fact that there doesn't seem to be much tension in the film. You can tell that something is very clearly wrong with Maggie right from the start, and that she isn't in her right state of mind, mentally, but the acting leaves a lot to be desired in some scenes. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not so good. There's nothing much that's really motivating you to keep going, because you have somewhat of an idea on how the film will end, but it's like there's simply not enough interesting shit going on in the film to justify it going as long as it actually did. It's unjustifiably long. The story isn't interesting. There's very little in the way of actual horror, not that it was meant to be, but sometimes even these psychological films have more horror than this had. It's perplexing to think about who this film was actually meant for. It's framed as a horror movie, but it plays out like anything but. The last 15 minutes are definitely horror, but it's simply much too late by that time. Again, there's 90 minutes that the film wastes by simply plodding along and doing the bare minimum in order to get by. It's incredibly fucking boring to watch. It's not that this is a bad movie, not even in the slightest, it's just that it takes a pretty good idea and does absolutely nothing with it until the climax. If this film was, say, 80-85 minutes long, it'd have played out so much better. There's so much stuff in the film that could've been cut out in order for the sake of the pacing, but they just didn't. Not a very good movie until the climax. And even then it's not like it elevates the film past a level where I could say that it's good. This is a chore to get through and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. You won't miss out on anything if you decide to skip out on this.

Peter S (us) wrote: I really enjoyed this alot. Don't know why, the script sucked, acting wasn't that great, could have been shot better, but...I kept smiling.

Connor P (gb) wrote: I really like this movie. Martin Starr is always wonderful. There were several of these types of movies made in the past decade, and I think Cheats is the best. I give it as many stars as I did because I think its great under the teen movie genre.

Gabo L (mx) wrote: buena peli... sobre un agente infiltrado en ETA ...

Ricardo H (us) wrote: NOT FOR ME...Maybe other people will find this move a work of art or something like that, but for me, it was no more than a Turkish soap opera but in German. The plot was okay, but the whole development throughout the movie does not have the effect intended and at times it makes it look like a cartoon full of clichs and stereotypes. The macho older brother who is secretly gay, the gay brother who is openly gay, the meek and submissive younger brother. I do have to say, at least the idea of having 3 sons, all of them gay, was original. As for the rest, not a movie I would recommend at all.

Michael T (ru) wrote: Slickly produced slasher flick gets an A for effort, but the pacing is slow and boring.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Oh my this is pretty horrible, a really really typically bad lightweight 90's throw away comedy, if you can even call it that.This film glides across so many other ideas and its so so very pointless it hurts. The two leads are actually really annoying and you just wanna see them get killed so much haha. Quaid and Turner being top undercover agents for the US that are dragged back into service on the promise of good pay, the hook being they take their young child with them everywhere, errr yeah! great!.Cue lots and lots of lame, tame ridiculously bad looking fights with obvious doubles. Horrendous acting from everyone, a boring drab plot and a female baddie who is completely nonthreatening or even remotely interesting. The whole thing takes ques from 'Bond' naturally and is set in the deep South of New Orleans but it just doesn't work.The only reasonable part or performance goes to Tucci who plays an inept criminal trying to kill the heroes and going by the name of 'Muerte', which everyone mispronounces much to his frustration. This does garner SOME laughs, his girlish screams also amuse but that really is it.OK fun for kids, stick them in front of this for the afternoon and they might enjoy. Not advisable for any adult to attempt the full running time, its utter dribble and a waste of your life.

Vrettos L (fr) wrote: You know those films you haven't seen for a while and remember them being masterpieces - well, that's because some of them were.

Casey B (it) wrote: [i][b]Baxter[/b][/i] >> A different point of view creates an interesting look at the life of a specific dog.[i][b]Stephanie Daley[/b][/i] >> About the fears and emotional pains of pregnancy and losing a child. Worth a watch.[b][i]Running with Scissors[/i][/b] >> It wants to be funny and weird and cool but it ends up being a Wes Anderson idea that was rejected.[i][b]The Lost Room[/b][/i][b] (Miniseries)[/b] >> Very intriguing and entertaining story is hindered by the uplifting ending.[b][i]Perfume: The Story of a Murderer[/i][/b] >> Almost fell into the mode of a usual serial killer fare, but by the end, it is much more than that. Imperfect yet darkly charming.

Orlok W (de) wrote: Ghoulies delivers the ghoulish goods--A must-see for fans of campy, cheesy horror!!

Michelvandroogenbroeck M (gb) wrote: this is my fun, i miss

Shaimaa D (fr) wrote: Methinks 'tis ok :)but Tennat's performance is somehow hysterical, clearly in the soliloquies

Berni E (de) wrote: Ingmar Bergman classic - dark and introspective look at faith.

Indira S (us) wrote: this might me my least favorite movie by fritz lang so far

Scotty P (ag) wrote: The opening scene was great, The Effects on the Wolfman are still good, and the battle between the monster and the wolf man is exciting to watch and how they die in the end is thrilling. But those are the only fun things about this movie.

Nik M (es) wrote: A film that combines smooth and clear cinematography, lush landscapes, drama that is emotional and engaging, and choreography that is exciting and electrifying. The subtleties of sword-on-sword fighting with the details of specific martial arts styles blend together to evoke an emotional representation of the characters. It's well-shot, well-directed, well-edited, and, well, superb cinema.