The King of Pigs

The King of Pigs

After his business goes bankrupt, 30 something Kyeong-Min kills his wife impulsively. Hiding his anger, he seeks out his former middle school classmate Jong-Seok. Jong-Seok now works as a ghostwriter for an autobiography, but he dreams of writing his own novel. For the first time in 15 years they meet. Kyeong-Min and Jong-Seok both hide their own current situations and begin to talk about their middle school days.

Jong-suk and Kyung-min meet up to talk about their high school past, it's been 15 years since they last talked. It brings up all kinds of memories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (mx) wrote: Tough stuff, and an extra half a star for being a true story. I can't understand how anyone ever could survive such a journey. Half of them didn't of course. It's hard to watch and I've been putting it off for a while. The Gobi desert was particularly tedious. A good movie of its type; not a type I particularly go for, though.

Michael H (kr) wrote: I love Babylon 5 but this movie? The stories are boring and the "movie" is short.

Gabe C (es) wrote: Worst movie I've seen in my entire life.

Tom C (au) wrote: not a bad movie, still good humor but the movie over all was lacking when compared to the previous two films

KraySexyKool (us) wrote: This is a GREAT movie that should have went to the box office...

Alejandro D (ag) wrote: A must see. An incredible documentary.

Jin T (fr) wrote: A mystery thriller for sure. Sure it has its moments where the pacing seems slow but Kyle MacLachlan who plays as Jeffrey Beaumont makes up for it. I know this guy as The Captain in the show called How I Met Your Mother. His performance there was pretty damn good. So no doubt that he will be good in this one and voila, he does another awesome job. Now I know I said that and it sounded like I did it backwards but he did a very good performance in this movie as well.What intrigues me in this movie is how he goes deep into a situation he didn't ask for. He just stumbles upon it and then it just serious business from there. From meeting the mysterious yet troubled Dorothy Vallens who is played by Isabella Rossellini, to the drug craze addict named Frank Booth who is played by the awesome Dennis Hopper. That guy who played the villain in Waterworld. Who also played as King Koopa. Heck, he was awesome in Speed. Also with Laura Dern who plays as Sandy Williams. Who I know her from Jurassic Park. Being thrown into the mix with Jeffrey's antics.In the end, it was tragic and it kinda reminded me of the ending of Girl Next Door. And no, not the romantic comedy. That one drama movie. Sometimes a movie like this makes you feel like you want to save someone because you just need to and then sometimes you don't have the power to do so and it just happens. This is one of those movies. Blue Velvet is a poetic eerie story with the pacing done right. If you like mystery stuff, this is for you. For me, I like weird stuff.

Martin T (it) wrote: A highly theatrical movie about acting, both on stage and in one's persona. But it's TOO theatrical: characters come to insightful revelations at the drop of a hat, and talk in a weighty, existentialist, abstract manner. Thulin's performance is a frustration: even though the viewer knows she's obviously supposed to be overly dramatic, it still irritates. It's all kinda boring, and I felt like I would have gotten more out of it if I was more interested in theater. But Josephson is terrific.

Wes S (br) wrote: While it's agreeable that POTA could have used a sequel, it's hard to believe this was the best that could have came up. Several elements are retreated on, though most of the good elements are forgotten. The plot has many confusing pieces to it and wears down the concept quickly. This film ends up becoming a unessential sequel.

Jason K (nl) wrote: meh. graded well (hated the flashback stuff though), story/whole just didnt do much for me, though im normally not a fan of watching junkie type stories or people who cheat and lie, so- kinda everything about this film. Odd casting choices for some roles as well which just seemed off (in a Brad Pitt 12 years kinda way).

kumar u (it) wrote: very funny, wonderful.