The Kings of Mykonos

The Kings of Mykonos

The sequel to the highly successful Australian comedy THE WOG BOY - starring Nick Giannopoulous and Vince Colosimo as best mates Steve and Frank. The Kings of Mykonos: Wog Boy 2 picks up a few years after the original and things aren't going so well for the 'Wog Boy'; he's lost his true love (a '69 Valiant Pacer) and all his assets because he trusted Tony the Yugoslav. Steve's best mate Frank has lost touch with the ladies after a messy divorce. But fortue, as ever, favours the 'Wog' when Steve discovers that he has inherited a beach worth millions on the resort island of Mykonos from an uncle he never met...

Steve 'The Wog Boy' Karamitsis inherits a beach on the resort island of Mykonos from an uncle he's never met. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kieran F (jp) wrote: Not a fan of this was a good concept that didn't translate to the screen

Stephan K (us) wrote: So bad it's not even funny anymore

Luc F (nl) wrote: A great adaptation of a great story. I am not a baseball fan and there is no actual baseball scenes in this movie (only coaching) but by the end I felt like it was the most important sport in the world! That just tells you how good this movie is.Real story, great acting, great editing. Perfect.

Jally J (ag) wrote: firstly you don't know what the revenge is all about, so you see the main actor as a wictim, but at the end the truth comes out and you are in a dilema. Like the ending not typical,"all good, all well"

Ki R (ag) wrote: Part seven of this incredibly ambitious project. It really is fascinating to see the progression of these people's lives over the years

john p (br) wrote: Of course we all know the story line, but this time there is a twist. Set in a failing theme park, the lost boys are 20ish run aways, Captian Hook and his gang of leather boys aare the care takers. The movie is shot almost like a college project type shoot, or low budget. The acting is okay, noting epic about it, but still the movie has an excellent message. I am wondering how Will Wheaton got involved in this you don't see much of him. Over all I like the movie as a modern telling or an old story it was great.

Stephen S (fr) wrote: As good as everyone says it is. Check this out.

Jessaca F (nl) wrote: Passable, but not good.

Mark S (kr) wrote: Recommended by several flixster friends.

Angela B (ru) wrote: this was a hilarious movie. Doris Day did it again. Rock Hudson was superb.

Scott S (ag) wrote: Midnight Mary (1933) -- [5.5] -- Loretta Young plays another poor girl who never had a chance in life, a popular topic in the early `30s. Her momma dies when she's just a girl, she turns to crime, she becomes a prostitute, she serves time, and then she meets a nice civilized man who does his darndest to tame her. Then, as usual, her past comes back to haunt her, but somehow, it's a happy ending. It's an okay movie, but I feel like I've seen this story too many times now, and this isn't one of the best tellings.

Andy A (mx) wrote: In many ways this is the quintessential sequel, the one that tends to surpass the sophistication of its source. If you liked Fritz Lang's shadow-cloaked account of Hans Beckert in the 1931 "M", then you'll definitely love this (especially since the last ten minutes of this movie haven't been lopped off by deterioration). The supernatural aura of the pulpish super-villian Mabuse played Rudolf Klein-Rogge (that's right, the crazy-haired Rotwang of "Metropolis") is both enigmatic and commanding despite the few scenes he has. But really, once you've seen this, you know it's the IDEA of Mabuse that really makes this inky crime thriller so powerful. If you thought the idea of an anarchic terrorist is something that Heath Ledger alone could muster then you'd be about eighty years off. Its got a decidedly slow build but once the action gets going it doesn't ever really let up or disappoint. Replete with madness, romance, twists and even a mesmerizing midnight car chase through the German countryside, Lang's last film before he fled the Nazis has aged surprisingly well. If you don't like old movies or don't have the nerve to accept subtitles then save yourself the trouble. The same goes for those of you who don't appreciate the roots of modern thrills and chills. But if you can and will, please treat yourself to "...the empire of crime"...

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Though some characters are certainly outdated, there's no denying just how incredible "Dumbo" is. It'll make it laugh, and it'll make you cry.

Ida K (ag) wrote: This was based on a true story. It makes me appreciative to live in the good ole US of A.