The Kissing Place

The Kissing Place

Every night the boy dreams he is someone else. Someone in danger. A crazy woman is after him. A woman who cannot have a son of her own. A story about a kidnapped boy, who finds out that the people he thought were his parents are his kidnappers. The film is about his escape and search for his home.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:English,Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   kidnapping,   taxi,  

Every night the boy dreams he is someone else. Someone in danger. A crazy woman is after him. A woman who cannot have a son of her own. A story about a kidnapped boy, who finds out that the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alessandro P (br) wrote: Quite unique and fresh zombie movie :)

Kim M (ag) wrote: Haters can hate, but I think this was a very entertaining horror movie. As a fan of both the found footage and monster sub-genres, this was right in my wheelhouse. It was exciting, tense, and brutal. Really excellent little movie.

Kenneth L (br) wrote: I was surprised by how engaging and affecting this low-budget documentary was, since, given its subject matter, it would seem likely to be extremely mundane. The title is indeed accurate: it's a movie about a parking lot. Not just any parking lot, though, but one located right across from my very own University of Virginia, and which I walk past quite frequently. (I must admit I've never actually parked in this lot myself, because I usually park at the on-campus garage I have a permit for.) Even adjusting for the inevitable "hey-I-know-that-place" appeal that this movie has for me but wouldn't have for people who didn't go to UVA, though, I still think the movie genuinely works. What makes the movie so interesting is that it isn't really about the parking lot itself so much as it is about the people who work there. They're mostly UVA humanities graduate students (much like myself) who took the job because they need extra money. Although the demands of the job itself would seem to be far below these guys' educations, the fact that they're all so intelligent and thoughtful allows them to extract genuinely interesting insights into society and human behavior from their experiences at the parking lot. It is always interesting and often scandalous to see how badly some people treat the attendants, and to hear the attendants' own reaction to such treatment. Their commentary is often very funny.The movie mostly takes the form of interviews with the attendants and the owner of the lot, and fortunately they're all very articulate. There's also some footage of real-life parking-lot action put in for good measure. As a movie, it moves quickly, never lingering too long at any one thing, and it doesn't overstay its welcome at a brisk 70 minutes. It was made largely by Meghan Eckman, and although it's her first movie, she seems to have a pretty good sense of pacing and such. I'll admit that this movie doesn't have the most promising title, but trust me, it's really pretty good. Plus, there's a hilarious music video at the end.

Aaron E (nl) wrote: Little amusement or action in a film that tries to say something about what we already knew - and in the process wastes a good cast ensemble while doing so.

Michal G (es) wrote: La dernire scne de la patinoire est bien.Et, l'humour est lourd, prvisible comme pas deux.Gad Elmaleh tait meilleur dans Hors de prix...

Bjorn O (br) wrote: Vincent Gallo gjorde den hr filmen troligtvis fr att han aldrig varit i moskva, att han fick lite vodka + att han fick ligga lite.

Dusty C (es) wrote: Want ot see it sooo bad!:(

Stefan L (br) wrote: felt like it should have been called 'confessions of a rolling stone' (with jones portrayal, and look being strangley similar to robin askwiths' tittilating adventures of the 70's) worth mentioning is paddy considine, whos performances go from strength to strength. hard to comment on the plot as their are doubts about the truth in what it reveals, which gives the overall tone of the film an edge, which left me a little bewildered.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: More just sad than anything else. I've seen it a bit too much in real life to care about these characters.

Andrew L (gb) wrote: With it's bland characters, faulty writing and over all approach, "Little Nemo" is a cinematic failure. It was a forgettable as it was back then as it is now.

Sean P (it) wrote: The best slow burn horror movie I've ever seen. Downright the only horror movie that's ever scared me. However, be warned. This film is home to some of the most unsettling moments ever caught on film.

James D (br) wrote: Great movie that pulls at the heartstrings.

David B (nl) wrote: On the edge of being really really good, not sure what stops it getting there. But of a wasted opportunity, well worth a rainy afternoon though.

David K (ru) wrote: A lovely documentary that shows a dramatic and emotional journey to make a internet / long-distance relationship a reality.