The Knockout

The Knockout

To show his girl how brave he is Fatty challenges the champion to a fight. Charlie referees, trying to avoid contact with the two monsters.

To show his girl how brave he is Fatty challenges the champion to a fight. Charlie referees, trying to avoid contact with the two monsters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suane S (de) wrote: not that interested in it cause it makes no sense to me

Tigran P (us) wrote: very bright drama about incest in several generation of women with some quirky humor and comedy in it . plot is interesting but its all over the place and it never came together . you see the plot twist coming from miles away. some of the actions from characters just don't feel real , the way sisters react to their mother being alive really annoyed me . besides that , the acting in the movie was very good . I understand that it's not important for the story but cmon seriously nobody started to look for Paco ? maybe its because movie tries to be more artistic . If almodovar is trying to tell us that mens are pigs rapists and womens need to stay bond together and be strong to live among mens i guess he succeed.........overall pretty good movie with bright colors , quirky spanish humor ( that i don't like but some people may enjoy ) and strong performance from Cruz.

Jarrett M (jp) wrote: Warlock is a mildly interesting movie that feels a bit like a 'Highlander' knockoff with a spicing of 'The Terminator'. Mostly average in every department, the only real standout in the film for me was Julian Sands' performance as the title character. While the film as a whole is not bad, I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to see it.

Simon D (fr) wrote: Quite a good thriller with Travolta playing a more humble role that usual.

Christophe C (ag) wrote: LA TAVERNE DE L'ENFER en vf. Avec ce film Sly reste sur ses acquis de ROCKY pour proposer un drame familial sur les responsabilits ou 3 frres paums doivent continuer de vivre malgr leurs fissures et avancer au milieu des petites magouilles. Mais a manque quand mme d'un peu plus de corps pour emballer autant que l'histoire du boxeur...

Arnaud L (br) wrote: A great conclusion to the best Hammer franchise.

Kathleen C (fr) wrote: Worldly people usually end up dying in a wake me up kind of way.

Ray F (nl) wrote: If you like Eastwood and Lee Marvin and can endure some so, so songs it is a enjoyable.

daniel s (fr) wrote: This is a movie only a 5 year old will like. Pure sap and poorly written, it's a disgrace and an insult to everything artistic. A special puke award to the band in the film, a watered down version of Green day, in other words horrible.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: I found this movie a hell lot of fun. Take the iconic villians from the scary movies from the 80's and 90's, and have em face off. I found it to be a bloody good time, with a fun dose of gore. Forget the silly acting, that is not what we are here for. We are here to see who the hell is gonna win this damn good battle!

Anastasia (gb) wrote: Maybe too much action (13) OWN VHS