The Lacemaker

The Lacemaker

The internationally produced The Lacemaker (La Dentelliere) stars Isabelle Huppert as Pomme, a meek and mild French beautician whose life takes a fateful turn during a vacation to Normandy. Here Huppert becomes the lover of middle-class literature-student Francois (Yves Beneyton). The relationship sours when Francois takes her home to meet his parents, thanks in no small part to their differing social backgrounds. The Lacemaker was the film that solidified the stardom of Isabelle Huppert; she was showered with awards, most notably the British Film Academy.

Beatrice is a very reserved and quiet young woman. Her friend Marylene is left by her lover and brings her to Cabourg (Normandy) for a few days' vacation. There, Beatrice, an apprentice ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erin W (br) wrote: 1% positive? No thanks if 99% didn't like it.

Daniel L (au) wrote: Beautifully haunting and memorable to every minute, you won't feel time go by as every new little twist and turn leaves you hating the mother and hurting for the children, who act so well some times one may forget the movie is indeed scripted. Where Korean cinema gets to the point and isn't all that nasty when it comes to true love romances and reality dramas, Japanese cinema hits home and hits home hard. Nobody Knows is a hidden gem amidst the J-Flicks that just do not quite make the cut.

jesse k (us) wrote: This lubricious movie features Richard Gere as a cuckold who finds out and kills his wife's lover and wraps him up in a rug and dumps him at the landfill. This movie gives me another reason to hate Frenchmen.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: Interesting look at a borderline madman's attempt to make a grizzly proof suit. Highly entertaining.

trish m (jp) wrote: greatest movie ever to see made me cry but was a great movie

Denis Y (br) wrote: Fun, drags a bit in the middle, but very good pieces including a Garfield mask and a really fun con

Joseph H (us) wrote: I can't even bear to give this movie 1 whole star. This movie is a perfect example of why you should never make super hero movies on a low budget.

Joe C (kr) wrote: One of the films credited with dismantling the Hayes Code, Bonnie and Clyde didn't just challenge the choking standards, it beat them up and took its lunch money. Journalists Robert Benton and David Newman mined Benton's childhood memories of hearing folk tales about the titular 1930s bank robbers and splayed it out into a tale that was condemned for glorifying vigilantism, sex and violence. Unschooled in three-act structures, Benton and Newman didn't worry about consistency of tone, preferring to emulate the mercurial mood of the French New Wave classics they idolized by writing a script that was funny, romantic, sad and violent all at once. Arthur Penn was entrusted with the reins, directing almost everyone to an Oscar nom and using camera methods that seem beyond the technical limits of the time. So, controversy AND quality? Why did this formula die?

Michael G (gb) wrote: The Ugly Dachshund is good old-fashioned clean sterilized (separate beds and all) Disney fun. Hokey story you can't quite bring yourself to care about complete with Suzanne Pleshette's (character's, at least) neurotic OCD and second guessing nature with some classic racial stereotypes make The Ugly Dachshund a piece of a yesteryear I think its safe to say never existed. Admittedly, this movie is probably fun for dog lovers (and possibly the only reason I actually kind of enjoyed it) but watching a Great Dane get sprayed in the face with a tube of oil paint is the mark of a movie made before a representative from the Humane Society was legally obligated to be on set. If you get to see The Ugly Dachshund on DVD I strongly recommend the nonsensical extras. Namely the featurette on Mako where he carries on like he's filming an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio. Guy gets nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and all of the sudden he's Walter Fucking Brennan. You know who else got nominated for an Oscar? Courtney Love. Don't feel so special now, do you Mako?

Jonny P (fr) wrote: "High Society" is an enjoyable film but it will always live in the shadow of "The Philadelphia Story." This musical remake of the Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn/Jimmy Stewart classic never had a chance of surpassing its predecessor, even with a catchy Cole Porter score and three superstars of its own. It is often remembered as Grace Kelly's final film. This must have been a dream for her after playing the role of Tracy on stage in a production of "The Philadelphia Story." She performs with elegance and warmth but lacks the attitude of Katharine Hepburn that is now associated with the character. The same goes for Frank Sinatra, whose singing is great and acting is enjoyable but he just couldn't match the Oscar-winning performance of Stewart. Bing Crosby suffers the same fate, not only because his performance falls short of Cary Grant, but also because he is an awkward 27 years older than Grace Kelly. While we're at it, I did not care for Celeste Holm as Liz Imbrie, particularly after seeing Ruth Hussey's Oscar-nominated performance in the same role. It is hard not to draw comparisons because "The Philadelphia Story" is simply so much better. My favorite part of the film is the featuring of Louis Armstrong. Similar to Duke Ellington in "Anatomy of a Murder," I feel like this preserves Satchmo on film forever with his unique singing style and amazing personality. From a singing perspective, the movie is great. With three leads that are this talented, each song is better than the last. From a script perspective, I understand that some things had to be changed to create an excuse for the musicians to be there, but I think that it weakened the story. And those slow moments that keep "The Philadelphia Story" from being perfection? They're still there. "High Society" is a good film that should be seen by all musical junkies but, if given a chance between these two films, you know which one I'd recommend.

Paul D (de) wrote: Fairly routines story of struggle against the bad men running the western town. There's some overacting involved, but the plot is interesting enough.

Demia M (gb) wrote: I saw the original and LOVED IT! Now lets hope this movie will do it justice!

Christine D (fr) wrote: Dutronc, of course !!!

Andrew T (au) wrote: A spiritual successor to KILL SQUAD in a number of ways - stupid action, boobies, and dumbass dialogue. And Cameron Mitchell. Plus, it sort of inherits the ambiguously fascist undertones of SUPERVIXENS and the like.

Aaron B (gb) wrote: One hell of a great horror film. Quality scares, multi-faceted characters, and a sense of menace make this scary film a cut above the rest, pardon my pun.