The Lady Doctor

The Lady Doctor

The fake private detective Mike Spillone is hired by two old ladies to find out if Brigitte, the wife of their nephew Otello Bellomo, has a lover. Brigitte is a physician but the two aunts ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:doctor,  

The fake private detective Mike Spillone is hired by two old ladies to find out if Brigitte, the wife of their nephew Otello Bellomo, has a lover. Brigitte is a physician but the two aunts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kane S (ag) wrote: They have made Brent a sympathetic character. Trouble is, it is difficult to laugh at a sympathetic character. I found the movie depressing, devoid of funny moments that weren't ripped from the TV show.

Raquel R (de) wrote: Loved this movie. Based on 3 real life incidents during the World Cup. I actually screamed and cried while watching this movie. I used to work with a co-worker that his son was kidnapped in Mexico and he paid $40,000 to rescue him. Just a regular hard working guy working as a bar back. After the incident he brought his family to the U.S. The corruption and violence is real and a solution must be found for all the innocent people

Jay C (kr) wrote: Saw this on amazon and thought the cover looked pretty creepy, it wasn't expensive so hey i thought i would check it out. I am very glad yet still a little annoyed that i spent any money on this attrocity. Now i understand that this movie does have to involve alot of talking considering its about a woman who is a ghost hunter and that is her job to document every thing that happens. But god damn! How can you attempt to include scare scenes when this woman is talking every fucking second of this film! The acting is what you would expect from an independant film dreadful and unconvincing. This film is so bad it no longer sits in my dvd collection taking up space that other decent films could have, it takes its rightful place in the garbage..

Marie S (de) wrote: it was a pretty good movie...a bit slow was alright..

(de) wrote: Ben Gourly, Mila Kunis, Jon Heder, Rutger Hauer, Hubbel Palmer Rick Robinson is a ladder-climbing law intern from Miami with four days until the Bar Exam. Desperate to score points with his boss (McAllister), he commits to a favor he can't afford. He ends up in a rundown truck headed to L.A. with his boss's possessions, his Hollywood-bound niece, and her pet pig. Amidst hitch-hikers, breakdowns, and assorted local yokels, Rick finds love, life and maybe himself in this trans-American road trip from hell. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Great comedy. Laughed a lot through this film. It's silly, quirky, a little weird, and very entertaining. Jon Heder was hillarious in this movie. Just a fun roadtrip movie to watch, not to be taken seriously. About a guy just finding himself with the help from a couple of free spirited people. This movie got a lot of bad reviews, but I have to disagree. I found it refreshing and very funny. Maybe not most peoples taste, but I like these kinds of comedies. There's no doubt that this movie will make you laugh.

Maggie B (es) wrote: I had forgotten how much I like this Herzog documentary. Not knowing anything about Timothy Treadwell before viewing this, but knowing that this man called the "Grizzly Man" had been eaten by grizzlies, I was not sure what to expect. Did he do more harm than good? Was he a person who believe he was one with the bears? Did he jeopardize his girlfriend's life? Was he mentally unstable? was he just living his life doing what he believed in? He captured some extraordinary moments on film. Herzog took what he captured and gave the viewers a story.

Peter A (kr) wrote: This film starts slow but like any good druggie comedy picks up the pace once a dope dealer gets killed in a robbery. His stolen stash makes the rounds of mafia hitmen drug dealers and a punk rock band. The story descends into anarchy towards the end as everyone gets high and has a good time. well except for the dead dope dealer.I spotted a few cameos including Tommy Chong at the big drugs rally at the end.

Marilee A (ru) wrote: Very Camp, this Fun is not for Everyone.I find Divine, well, Divine, so I liked it

Sean M (fr) wrote: Well done but... I didn't know whose side to be on. The African's who were in their own country or the English who were far from theirs.

Paul D (kr) wrote: A good story for anyone who dreams of playing for their sports team, but like most of these movies attention to detail is overpassed in places making it sometimes frustrating for the ardent fan.

Jose Luis M (br) wrote: Grotesca, violenta, pero genial y atrapante historia de Sailor y Lula dos amantes fugitivos al puro estilo de David Lynch, un cla`sico moderno y una de mis peliculas favoritas.