The Lady from Musashino

The Lady from Musashino


The Lady of Musashino (武蔵野夫人, Musashino-Fujin) is a 1951 Japanese film directed by Kenji Mizoguchi. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lloyd N (kr) wrote: With everything going for the star of any movie.... it is extremely hard and at the same time rare to find a villain that will outshine and even go farther and make the star of the movie look completely ridiculous!Jacky Wu simply was outstanding to say the least the Martial Arts choreography was somewhat lacking... im not sure if its because i saw them back to back with Flash Point/Dou Fo Sin but all in all Nicholas Tse and Shawn Yue having previously worked the year before with Donnie Yen on Lung Fu Moon/Dragon Tiger Gate simply didn't step up... the same can be said for Jacky considering the stellar performance in Sha Po Lang back in 2005 but i guess Donnie Yen brings out the best in everybody... :) All in all... it was a surprisingly entertaining watch.

(nl) wrote: I really liked this movie! It was a really cool stylish and action packed movie. The cast was great and the music is awesome!

Bastien M (ca) wrote: Un film fministe, mais dans le bon sens du terme : montrer des femmes malheureuses qui se rvoltent via la justice. La cinaste s'inscrit clairement (narrativement et visuellement) du ct des juges femmes qui tournent les hommes en ridicule. Il n'empche : cela dmontre une justice en nette progression dans ces pays qu'on qualifie trop pjorativement du "Tiers-Monde". Plutt dur par moments, mais terriblement efficace dans l'motionnel et se concluant par un constat favorable aux femmes.

Ryan S (kr) wrote: Nothing special, card scenes fun to watch but other than that it was boring.

Lalaine B (ca) wrote: powerpuff...girls...

Dylan B (mx) wrote: This film had a fear and loathing feel to it at times for me. Not because of so much what was happening on the screen, but the sound of the narration. This film is very left field. Im surprised i never stumbled upon this film before.

micki h (br) wrote: how do i watch thses moive i find them but no where to click on them to watch them

Michael P (de) wrote: What a hidden gem this is! Great storytelling from great storytellers. Plague Dogs is based off a novel written by Richard Adams who also wrote Watership Down. Both also directed by Martin Rosen.

Daniel K (nl) wrote: 3: Laird Cregar is amazing. He is without a doubt one of the most memorable character actors of his time. He can play on just about any emotion the viewer has in them, and sometimes all at once. Hate, empathy, pity, disgust, etc. I'm not terribly familiar with the work of Betty Grable, but every time I see her I wonder what all the fuss was about. I just can't see the whole pin-up girl aspect of her fame. It must have been because she seemed homely, approachable, and like the girl next door. For my part, I'd rather have Carole Landis on the side of my plane. The main issue I have with the picture is that the title does not make any sense. I was expecting something much more along the lines of a Tourneur picture. It is a noir, but definitely an early one. It seems to have been made before the conventions of the "genre" were fully fleshed out, but it bears so many of the hallmarks that it couldn't possibly be classified as anything but. The detective, the pursuit, the murder, the femme fatale, the harsh lighting, the prevalance of night, the seediness, etc. It's a solid picture. I just wish they'd named it something else.

John A (fr) wrote: Enjoyable, but a clear step down from the delightful antics of the first two films. There's still a great deal to love here, as the two leads are so much fun. However, there are a number of places where the film lags, particularly in the early going as the plot takes its time unfolding. The real stand out sequence here takes place in the dance club, which has it all--comedy, mystery,dancing, and Powell & Loy at their most flirtatious.

Li K (es) wrote: 31% of critics liked it? I'm totally going on blind faith on this one

Brad Y (es) wrote: Another exciting chapter in the Harry Potter franchise filled with rich characters and fantastic set pieces.

Andrew K (ag) wrote: Beautifully paced - a great study of ageing and cross-generational and cross-cultural relationships.

Angela M (ru) wrote: a very cute but predictable movie