The Lady Hermit

The Lady Hermit

A young Kung Fu student (Shih Szu) seeks a reclusive teacher so that she may learn to defeat the evil Black Demon. She doesn't realize that the servant woman she befriends (Cheng Pei-Pei) is actually the kung fu master she seeks. After Black Demons henchmen attack, the master reveals herself and eventually takes on the student to train her so that they may both defeat the villian. A love triangle complicates things when another student (Lo Lieh) asks for training as well.

A young Kung Fu student (Shih Szu) seeks a reclusive teacher so that she may learn to defeat the evil Black Demon. She doesn't realize that the servant woman she befriends (Cheng Pei-Pei) ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly M (de) wrote: Sweet doc. Took me back!

Jeff L (ru) wrote: I'm shocked this brilliant film hasn't gotten more attention. It explores life, the past, who we are today; and how it figures into our future. It is at times beautifully poetic, sometimes melancholy and others joyous. Everything about it is superb: the writing, direction and acting; all blissfully married together in one heartfelt journey. The dialogue is real, honest and sometimes brutal. I can't imagine anyone viewing this without being completely consumed and deeply moved.Beginners is a film best viewed alone. It will stay with you, perhaps haunt you and most definitely cause you to reflect on your own unique and unpredictable life.

(it) wrote: He is a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A...fake priest.

Donald D (de) wrote: It's absolute garbage. The visual style alone will make you sick, and it adds nothing to the story except as a distraction.

Dyron W (ca) wrote: The late Bernie mac is terrific, but the movie falls short from being remotely interesting.

Lilo C (fr) wrote: All these years I didnt bother to watch the sequelz. Cuz one thing IZ for sure, sequelZ are often PAIN IN DA AZ. Yo go boy the first one waZ really gud and yo go watch the sequel & then yo are like "oh oh WOT DA FUK WAS I thinkin? Someone kill me pleaZ, I wasted ma precious time." Well anywayZ....And there waZ huge review A bad review fom a "hARDCoRe War MovieZ Fan" Friendolaz.I recently saw the Trailer. Fo the first fuckin time and I waZ like oh boy. Lets get it on DVD.

Matt R (ag) wrote: An amusing prequel, but not as fun as the others.

jesse p (gb) wrote: So in the wake of the road warrior gene starting with Mad max 2 (the road warrior) the Italians were the first to start copying it and the first movie they brought out was 2019 after the fall of New York. 2019 was always the one with the biggest budget out of all the Italian post apocalyptic films I would have to say from sources around 7-8 million dollars. 2019 made around about 18 million worldwide. Then Joe D?Amato?s ENDGAME were a future after WW3 has left society ruined. New York city is a hellhole were people struggle to survive people usually tune into a show called Endgame were people fight to the death over a little bit of money. In the year 2025, a horrible nuclear holocaust during World War III has left New York City, among others, irradiated and decrepit, but not abandoned. The city, now a poverty-stricken hellhole, is inhabited by brutish packs of scavengers and telepathically-linked mutants, who are violently persecuted by a prejudiced lite. Keeping the people at bay is a reality television program called ENDGAME, where hunters and gladiators fight to the death. The film tells the story of Endgame veteran Ron Shannon, as he assembles a team to take a group of mutants, led by Lilith, to escape to safety through the desert, avoiding such dangers as blind yet deadly monks, nomadic predators, machine gun-sporting government agents from New York, and Shannon's former-friend-turned-nemesis Karnak. Well of course in an Italian post-apocalyptic film your going to see Modified cars, fierce fights to the death, Raiders, Mutants, and George Eastman. Now the story is okay but it has everything you would like to see in a film like this. Well the acting is okay but there was a lot of dubbing involved for the Italian actors still okay. I always like Al cliver I thought he did well in this. Well designs for the sets and what not are kind of a let down normally you are suppose to see a wasteland but I think Joe D?Amato tried to make it look like a western as well has a Post-apocalyptic film. The special effects are good lots of explosions and random acts of murder to keep you entertained. Here are some facts I found (Well not Meany) Out of all the film Joe D? Amato made he like this one the most. (He made more then 150 films) Shot on a budget of only 1 million. But overall I can say my final verdict is recommended but if you have to see any Italian Post-apocalyptic film see 2019 after the fall of New York that?s always been my favorite.

Daniel L (us) wrote: Despite the odd premise, ghost dog works really well with it because of solid writing, performances and direction

Olem O (ag) wrote: It is one of the best humor movies I've ever seen. I love the music, it's fabulous. The movie has allegory, The final shot is one of the most heartwrenching and shocking scenes I've ever seen.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: This really could have been good, if it had a big enough budget.

Warren M (ru) wrote: Remaking the original went pretty decent, but remaking the sequel was the slip-up. Provides twice the unoriginality in this scenario. They did earn creativity points, though, for getting the mom pregnant as well.

Kristal C (it) wrote: The main question here is: what the hell is going on with Maria Ford's hair???

Ryan E (it) wrote: Aparently they can't call this Bigfoot and the Hendersons due to a lawsuit but I say it's Bigfoot.

Carol M (br) wrote: It's appropriate to call 1941 a big budget bomb. Spielberg was lucky he redeemed his talents after this mess with The Color Purple.

Vtor M (jp) wrote: Uma parbola esclarecedora sobre a condio humana, dando voz ao desejo que todos ns temos de ser Deus e Demonio." Ele um jovem cheio de paixo e compreenso em que ningum ser capaz de entender. Ns - sociedade - somos mais numerosos do que ele, por isso somos normais, mas no consigo deixar de imaginar, se eu no daria minha estril sade para sentir essa paixo. Ele no diferente, ns que somos".

Odeath S (nl) wrote: 31 of 31 #15 DAUGHTERS OF SATAN - boy, where to start. This movie has Magnum P.I himself Tom Selleck on what I understand is his first starring role - I would like to say that alone is worth checking this flick out but man...this one is just painful.We start with a satanic ritual where an Asian girl is getting tortured and being demanded to say some words in a satanic ritual....this scene I seen a thousand times on other movies with the words OF SATAN at the end of the title.Magnum P.I play an art collector who bumps into a painting of some witches getting burned at the of them looks awfully similar to his he buys the painting and shows it to his wife who has a very unusual reaction to the painting, she doesn't like it.I could go on about this flick but it has to be seen, Tom Selleck is acting is so amusing as I am not sure if he is good or bad good lol.Check this only if you like this kind of flicks

Tim S (au) wrote: Say what you will about the man, but he sure was popular enough to be in many types of media at the time. Evel Knieval is, more or less, a biopic on the legendary daredevil. As insane and nutty as his life was, the film tries to come close to that but doesn't really reach the heights of craziness that you would hope. There are certainly some sections in there that try, such as Knieval screaming at a nurse about getting a lead apron before taking x-rays, or when he rides around the hospital on his motorcycle, in his underwear AND with a broken leg while all of the doctors and nurses look on. The film tries to paint the the portrait of the man, but it never really comes off as all that interesting. George Hamilton does an OK job with the role, but overall, the movie just fails to intrigue viewers with any entertainment value at all.

Bruno V (de) wrote: Thanks to Jim Carrey and a bit Tommy Lee Jones this movie get's to an oke level ! SOMVIDEO

Phil H (gb) wrote: Along with Guy Ritchie, Matthew Vaughn is the probably the second biggest director from the UK at the moment with some huge films under his belt, he is also the British gangster film maker of our modern age along with Mr Ritchie having made 'Lock Stock' and 'Snatch' together.Those two films pretty much flash started the British gangster/underworld flicks back into being and created a whole load of copies in film style and imagery. 'Layer Cake' is Vaughn's attempt without his partner in crime (pun intended) and you can obviously see how that collaboration has rubbed off on him.The film is pretty much like 'Lock Stock' and 'Snatch' and could almost be the third in a trilogy really, the plot is a hotpot of subplots wrapped around one main plot which all intertwine and work off each other well. Although its very familiar by now in visuals, dialog and concept its still somehow good fun to watch hardcases, fumbling crooks and foul mouthed crime lords all batter each other trying to get money/drugs/women/guns or the other.It really is nothing new after the last two big Ritchie films it has to be said with virtually the same cast yet again, bar Vinnie Jones, the same outcomes and the same kind of violence all topped off with outrageously harsh cockney accents. Craig fits in quite well with this world as the well spoken sensible dealer and he does a good job unlike his usual wooden pouting performances, you do want him to win the day and its nice to see someone play a role in these types of films without a whole load of attitude and mouth.Don't expect anything new to the genre with this as its the same again from Vaughn but its neater, tighter and not as ludicrous as the previous big two Brit gangster flicks, its still a lairy little sod of flick though, bosh!