The Lady in Red

The Lady in Red

1930's gangster era film about Dillinger and his last girl. Written by John Sayles.

1930's gangster era film about Dillinger and his last girl. Written by John Sayles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pierloot W (jp) wrote: decent low budget scifi. Entertaining

Paola V (it) wrote: Prima di tutto la giustifica (perch quanno ce vo' ce vo' e l ce vo'): l'ho visto in aereo tra singapore e parigi, dopo aver gi passato tutto il passabile (Kung Fu Panda compreso). Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa mi sono lasciata tentare dal film italiano in listino. Mal me ne incolse: "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" inqualificabile. Una boiata pazzesca recitata da cani (e, soprattutto, cagnoline). Cautelatevi ed evitatelo.

Stanley C (br) wrote: I did see Seth Rogen's talented humor here, but this animated Godzilla rip-off for children has directing and writing as lazy as the film's iconic titular heroes. It's like DreamWorks Animation doesn't even care if they get their ass handed over to Pixar at the box office and stock market.

William W (br) wrote: A reasonably talented cast and even a reasonably well written script can't save this August from it's utterly uninteresting premise and anti-climactic ending.

Elaine M (ca) wrote: In reality, this film is about as crap as its title. Newly formed best friends Jody and Beth go on an adventure to a mountain to find some gold, Beth almost dies and Jody saves her, and then Jody almost dies and Beth saves wow that's exciting. However, it's so pathetically innocent and lame that it's actually kind of endearing, and Christina Ricci and Anna Chlumsky are completely great (and both amazingly gorgeous) even if nothing else is. This might be a longshot but my copy isn't the best quality so if anyone has a decent copy on DVD that they don't want, or knows where I can get one, give me a shout!

David J (fr) wrote: With a fine cast, strong direction, and important questions about morality in the presence of money, Robert Redford's "Quiz Show" is a taut, entertaining dramatization of the scandal surrounding NBC's quiz show "Twenty One."

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is better than the first Home Alone. It is very entertaining and the plot of the movie is fantastic. I would very much suggest this movie.

Jason J (fr) wrote: Top drawer hard-case of his time, Lee Marvin, plays the role of Mafia enforcer, appointed to collect some half a million dollars of outstanding dues from a mid-west beef-baron who has turned renegade named 'Mary Anne' played by Gene Hackman. Marvin, it seems, is the latest in a series of previously vanished enforcers sent to take care of Mary Anne, the last one being returned to the east-coast mob as a parcel of sausages! Mary Anne is a nasty piece of work - as well as making gourmet cannibal sausages and trading cattle, he holds special market days for naked girls who are drugged up to their eyeballs and sold to the highest bidder.There are a number of memorable moments in which country cattle-hicks are depicted almost as a different race. A bloody gunfight breaks out during a country fair. At another time, a Cadillac and a combine-harvester go head to head, with results that are both grisly and comic! The final shoot-out comes as something of an anti-climax.Prime Cut is a very off-beat piece of cinema that pulls few punches with regard to its subject matter, and still deserves its reputation for originality. Very enjoyable.

Kyle F (es) wrote: A funny take on a teenagers life, she's rude and will do anything for attention... very amusing to watch. 'up ya bum'