The Lady Without Camelias

The Lady Without Camelias

A new starlet is discovered and has ups and downs in Italian films.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:star,   italy,   marriage,  

A new starlet is discovered and has ups and downs in Italian films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Lady Without Camelias torrent reviews

jesse k (mx) wrote: Wahlberg has less range than Charles Bronson and none of his charisma. This movie should have ended 45 minutes ago. I suppose I have to watch it until the bitter end.

Kyle F (kr) wrote: Ultra low budget trash.

James C (fr) wrote: Still Tarantino's best film to date. Exceeds Pulp Fiction on numerous levels, proving that Quentin should never cease making films.

Carole S (de) wrote: I completely forgot to finish this review up. Oooh, it has been a while since I watched the film, so I shall try and remember all that I wanted to say...This was a creepy movie. Not only that a whole group of girls and a teacher go missing creepy, but creepy in general too. The cast they picked did a wonderful job, because everyone acts creepy! Everyone acted like they were guilty of something; which everyone is guilty of something. It may not have to do with the missing girls, but everyone has their secrets. All this creepiness was made even more creepy, because this was made in the 1970s and the film-makers used the old tactics of horror films a few points.It was creepy, but a good creepy. I really must find a different word, but the word fits this movie well. What do I mean a "good creepy"? Well, it made you want to keep watching and see what happens. Even though no real answers come about and if you know about the case there has never been an answer, but you feel like the answer is right there in front of you the whole time! So many theories are out there and the film-makers did a good job touching base with the majority of them. It's a film that makes you think even though it is creepy.I do remember a side-line story that didn't seem needed in this. It seemed unnecessary and a stretch and it annoyed me. Oh yes...the ending also bugged me. I can't say what happens, but it bugged me for many reasons. In the end, this was a creepy movie. The actors they picked did a great job! There were a couple spots that seemed slow and/or unnecessary and the ending bugged me, but I did enjoy this movie. It really makes you think. Boyfriend and I had talked for a few minutes about what we thought happened to the girls. It is SO crazy that they literally vanished and no bodies ever where found. Creepy. Out of five stars, I stamp this movie with....4.Favorite Character(s): No one reallyNot-so Favorite Character(s): The headmistress (what an idiot and arrogant woman)Re-watch?: Actually, I wouldn't mind a re-watch.

Katie S (ru) wrote: The only reason I saw this movie was to see Sharon Tate act.

Brandon A (br) wrote: Such an amazing film. James Cagney does a wonderful job of portraying Lon Chaney. Although their are some inaccuracies, I would certainly recommend this film to anyone.

Andy G (it) wrote: Blackthorn is a good Western because you don't realize that blackthorn is really Butch Cassidy and that he was hiding from Spaniards. B+

Alecs M (mx) wrote: Mastroianni does one of the most tender characters I've seen on this story about the image we have about our parents and our sons. This road movie throught Italy show us the portait of a family initially happy and "fine" and then little by little the real true unfolds. Great poetic, melancholic story

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 85%Saw this on 23/2/16Dustin Hoffman gives his career best performance and although in a small role, Meryl Streep also manages to make her mark, not to mention the performance of child actor Justin Henry. It doesn't take sides and its effective as a father-son relationship drama which also doesn't use melodrama to establish its themes. However, in the end, the film just doesn't seem to be that satisfying, with a predictable ending, mostly because no ending can properly justify the premise.

Sean H (it) wrote: Uneven. Slow and drawn-out at times.

Phil M (gb) wrote: Wow. Blew me away this did. Didn't expect that at all