The Lake

The Lake

A thriller set in a Swedish village. Lisa comes back from London to sell a house left to her by her father. He mysteriously disappeared in the forest in the winter and is presumed dead in an accident. Lisa suspects there is more to the story as her father was disliked in the village. The old hunting lodge by the lake hides a secret. When Lisa starts her search for the truth painful facts about her father, herself and the village will be revealed.

A thriller set in a Swedish village. Lisa comes back from London to sell a house left to her by her father. He mysteriously disappeared in the forest in the winter and is presumed dead in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anthony W (fr) wrote: Dreadful. I watched it because it was either this or Paris Hilton's British Best Friend. I should have went for the latter.The movie is like a unintentional comedic version of A History of Violence. I just felt sad watching it because Cuba Gooding Jr has gone from being an Academy Award winner to starring in TV-Movie quality crap.

Anand K (br) wrote: WHAT A SUCKFEST! Should have known-it was done by the guys who brought us the ridiculous 'Hustle and Flow' about the hooker who becomes a pop star. If you like movies where the mom keeps yelling "NELSON!" over and over then this one is for you.I can't even talk much about this movie-it damaged me so bad-but I will say they try SO DAMN HARD to be noir-but it all falls so flat. Some lady and her son, Wilson, are evading the people who killed her husband, Wilson's father. It seems like half the lady's lines are her yelling, 'WILSON!". LameSigh-at the end they go and go to the bad guy's mansion and just shoot him. Why she didn't just do this instead of running for TWENTY YEARS is a mystery. Also there's this ridiculous scene where the bad guys come to kill WILSON and his girlfriend, who are hiding in the basement. Chick keeps screaming, "WILSON! WHY ARE THEY HERE? WHY ARE THEY SHOOTING AT US?!!!" Remember they are HIDING. Screaming and hiding don't go together numbnuts screenwriters. God it's stupid. DO NOT watch this movie! It will damage you, man.Oh yeah, WILSON-who had never shot a gun before goes out target shooting for about 5 minutes and after that he can completely outshoot thugs who have been shooting all their lives. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! Also the actor who plays WILSON is really annoying-you actually root for him and his mom to get shot so she'll stop yelling "WILSON!"Negative one-hundred-billion-gazillion stars

Petri P (ag) wrote: Heh heh heh heh heh...Se joka antaa tst tydet 5 thtee.. ei oo kyll nhnyt paljookan leffoja ja on iltn maksimissaan 7 vuotias!!!

Yash B (jp) wrote: A very powerful and unique documentary. It'll keep you interested and ultimately breaks your heart. Fascinating and moving, well worth a watch.

Lia M (mx) wrote: This movie will make you never to want eat in a restaurant again. Don't complain about your meal either the waiters may sabtoge the return lil!

Ls Caked Up W (ca) wrote: Funny Mother! U Know the rest. This My shit

Jeff B (mx) wrote: Horrible. Nothing happens in this "E.T." ripoff. Even the MST3K is boring, for the most part.

Nellie D (fr) wrote: I've seen it many times and it told me more about the world we live in and also about the way we view it. It sounds crazy but its not. Go ahead and watch the film for yourself!

Brian K (kr) wrote: a very good movie with a good cast.i love the story of 3 very different women who have led very different lives become ziegfeld girls. i love judy,lana,and hedy together they all really go together but especially judy and lana,there seems to be a true friendship behind the characters

Hannah D (ag) wrote: The O.G. Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Edward C (gb) wrote: Jobs(2013)StarringAshton Kutcher,Dermot Mulroney,Josh Gad,Lukas Haas,Matthew Modine,J.K Simmions,Lesely Ann WarrenDirected By:Joshua Michael SternReviewThis movie is a love hate debate for any apple/Steve Jobs enthuses. This movie is a mess, it's terribly structured, hardly ever focused and the screenplay is just all over the place. There's not much of a cohesive narrative but that being said the acting in this movie is just so good. Every actor in this movie is just too good to be stranded in a mess of a film. It's borderline insulting, AShton Kutcher doesn't just give his performance to date, he gave one of the best performances of 2013, and guys I hate Ashton Kutcher. I personally never gave a hoot for his acting until I saw this film. He looks and acts so much like Steve Jobs it just blew my mind. Josh Gad also gives a great performance as Steve warsniak despite that the things that happened between him and Jobs are made up. So if I love the performances why do I think it's terrible because Jobs could have been and should have been something great. And instead strands great performances in a mess of a movie. Given the talent in this movie there is no excuse for this film to be structured so poorly. Every time the movie would start to focus on something important in Jobs's career it would abandoned talking about that and movie on to the next thing. The movie is two hours yet it feels the need to rush through jobs's career rather then focusing on the major parts of it. The rivalry between Jobs and Bill gates was a huge part of his career and yet that's just passed on like a cliff note. We get Jobs making one angry phone call to gates and that's it. Gates doesn't even make an appearance in this film that's just weak.Jobs had the potential to be if not good but great which is why I give this disappointment a two out of five.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Probably the cheapest film set of the 1980's, which doesn't help make this dystopian future any more endearing. It's a fairly simple plot of rogue hero helping out a town ruled by a lawless entity, which is essentially the same as a 'western', but this one has little depth.

James P (es) wrote: An average, by the numbers cop thriller.

Josh P (nl) wrote: Liam Neeson is THRILLING!! So much ready for the sequel!