The Lame Pigeon

The Lame Pigeon

A ten years old child, sick, comes to his grandparents house for a summer. The visitors and neighbours will make his stay very amusing.

A ten years old child, sick, comes to his grandparents house for a summer. The visitors and neighbours will make his stay very amusing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (de) wrote: This was quite a tearjerker. The cast was great and the movie had a beautiful ending.

Den S (mx) wrote: Emotional, dynamic despite the minimal setting, and very sweet.

HannaRiikka K (ag) wrote: Interesting colours, but the plot wasn't so great.& good actors though! Not That bad of a tv-movie.

Duncan K (nl) wrote: This movie works so well because it manages to successfully combine the best elements of Batman The Animated Series with the best elements of Batman Beyond.

Robert I (ca) wrote: West Side Story without singing. Makes me want to beat people up. I wish there were was more to it than dropping bricks on cars though...

Heather M (ag) wrote: This really does not sound like a movie I need to watch.

Kaylynn K (us) wrote: No love for this movie. It is slightly funny at some parts but just blah overall

Reno V (au) wrote: "THE SOUND OF MURDER" - 'Blow Out' is a 1981 thriller written and directed by Brian De Palma (Carrie, Scarface). It's storyline is an intriguing quest of a sound technician who witnessed a freaky car accident that turns out to be a political assassination. Although it's not De Palma's best work, I certainly enjoyed the surrounding urban mystery feeling he was able to reflect. There's even a certain touch of humor. With John Travolta (Grease, Pulp Fiction), Nancy Allen (Dressed to Kill, Robocop Trilogy) and John Lithgow (Cliffhanger, 3rd Rock from the Sun). Sound technician Jack Terry (Travolta) needs to record better wind effects to use in a cheap horror film he helps to develop. One night he is standing on a bridge with his recording equipment and witnesses how a speeding car gets of the road and plunges into the creek. Jack dives in the water to help the people trapped in the car. The man is already dead, but Jack is able to save the young woman. At the hospital the sound technician learns that the dead man was a governor with hopes in becoming the next president. The girl introduces herself as Sally (Allen), who is an escort. To avoid a political scandal, Sally will not be mentioned in the official statement. When listening back to his recordings, Jack hears a gunshot before the car hits the water. In the mean time, a serial killer called 'The Liberty Bell Strangler' (Lithgow) is murdering women who resemble Sally. Coincidence or part of the political cover-up?

Harpreet S (fr) wrote: Along with Woyzeck, I think Stroszek are Herzog's 2 best films so far. Bruno S. is again brilliant in this film. I really love him! One of my favorite sequences is in the climax in the grocery store, also the ski-lift sequence is amazing. But there is one great shot of an premature baby, one of the great shots in cinema!

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Clark H (fr) wrote: Awesome action comedy! Can't believe it's 11 years old and I've only just seen it!