The Last Adventure

The Last Adventure

Two adventurers and best friends, Roland and Manu, are the victims of a practical joke that costs Manu his pilot's license. With seeming contrition, the jokesters tell Roland and Manu about a crashed plane lying on the ocean floor off the coast of Congo stuffed with riches. The adventurers set off to find the loot.

Two adventurers and best friends, Roland and Manu, are the victims of a practical joke that costs Manu his pilot's license. With seeming contrition, the jokesters tell Roland and Manu about... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynthia S (jp) wrote: Decent music, but it took all I had to just stay awake during this film. My god, could they have made it any more slow moving?? sheesh

Jim C (mx) wrote: Eugene Hutz makes the rest of us look boring, regardless of who we are and what we do. If you've seen my very favorite movie, 'Everything Is Illuminated', then you remember him as Alex, and you'll also know why it's my favorite film. 'Filth and Wisdom' is 3 parts twisted, 2 parts delightful, 1 part manic, and wholly hilarious.

Des S (ca) wrote: This turned out to be different than I thought it was going to be. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Shanna U (au) wrote: A weird little film that doesn't follow the usual approaches and probably suffers for it. Very little background and while tensions that led to the original break-up might have been interesting, after ten years feelings seem to have faded into apathy. The band rarely talks and are hardly the wild rockers of their youth so there's little climactic action. I guess you could call it an usual look into the banality of touring and the real humanity of past rock gods. The leader singer is overweight, the guitarist is a family man, the bassist loves crafts and cares for her mother, while the drummer's new passion is being a magician. Meanwhile, fans act as if no time has passed and being that the Pixies are touted as such an influential band, it might have been nice for the documentary to focus on stories from fans and other musicians who credit the band for being a major part of their lives. At many times, the bandmates appear so oblivious to their own musical importance and it seems that the songs have long outgrown the band and taken on their on entity. The directors took a risk with their laid-back approach, which is refreshing and humbling, but I feel disappointed that such amazing music couldn't have inspired a more creative or satisfying direction.

WS W (jp) wrote: I kinda like Melanie Laurent's being an actress for her sweetness on the silver screen.This is Laurent's directorial debut feature. So feminine, rather plain to me though.

Jack S (ag) wrote: Quality drama about American long distance track star Steve Prefontaine who died in a car crash at the age of 24, whilst in his athletic prime. A little overlong, but very well acted, the movie focuses much on the athlete's relationships with coach and girlfriend. Terrific capture of the 1970s period adds to the movie.

MarieHlne G (gb) wrote: Trop drle! Les jokes ridicules s'enchainent non trop!

Alicia K (au) wrote: This possibly my favorite movie. I enjoy everything about it. The scenery, the surrealism, the acting, the script. If someone does not like this film, I'm assuming it's because they don't have a sense of humor. This is definitely a film that people who enjoy Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! will enjoy.

Jose R (ag) wrote: Great adaptation with fantastic actors portraying that characters. A.

Jade K (it) wrote: I think I like this one a lot because my grandpa was a stand in for Lee Marvin

Brett H (br) wrote: It's suppose to be good, right?

Aditya S (nl) wrote: A light charming charming romantic movie.

Paul D (it) wrote: It's quite a nice looking piece of biblical history cinema, but quite a dull representation of Christ as a child.