The Last Blood

The Last Blood

A soldier attacks his corrupt superior officer and is court marshalled but before he can be sent to a firing squad he escapes...

A soldier attacks his corrupt superior officer and is court marshalled but before he can be sent to a firing squad he escapes.. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter S (br) wrote: Predictable and poorly written. McCarthy and Bullock save the film from being a complete disaster.

Michelle D (nl) wrote: love it its so interesting

Letitia L (fr) wrote: The investigators' tenacity inspired me, and their deep empathy with the introspection and paranoia of the Toynbee tiler. Their conjecture is a satisfying enough explanation of the "Toynbee idea, Kubrick's 2001, resurrect dead on planet Jupiter" for me. Their proposed idea is so big and philosophical, that it's worth the wait.

Roy S (de) wrote: Amusing dramedy. I like road trip films, and this is the type where very different people learn life lessons together, pull together for a common cause, all that stuff.

Tyrone H (es) wrote: Not as bad as part 3...but thats not saying much.

Adam R (nl) wrote: (First and only viewing - 3/23/2013)

Avishek C (gb) wrote: Do not touch the exhibit!

Courtney C (de) wrote: One of the top two comedians of all time, in my book and apparently in a lot of others too.

Hindnbrg E (us) wrote: I popped this movie's FLIXTER cherry! Liek OMFG ROFFEL!!!!

Paul D (au) wrote: Vincent Price and Victor Mature are two fairly gritty actors in their own right and they combine here to give us a thriller that simmers more than anything else. However this is all it needs to do as it's a fairly decent lower budget effort.

Paul D (mx) wrote: Paint-by-numbers rom-com, and the quirky sub-genre, in this case extreme snow-sports is not that interesting a foil.

Teija H (br) wrote: i have always loved this movie, why not on dvd????

Francisco R (gb) wrote: Amazing movie, better then I excpected, wonderful cast and wonderful story. By the beginning of the movie, I thout all the main characters were very stupid, special Bening's character, but after I while, all the characters get better and happier. This movie has a message and it's very recommended, the end it's sad but very good, very recommended.

Shane K (ru) wrote: OMG...FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Lucie F (jp) wrote: At que continua divertidinho, apesar de bobo pra caramba.

Cash M (gb) wrote: From beginning to end this movie sucked. Boring, useless, poorly scripted. Ending really sucked. The production or lack of, was cheep. You are all stupid.