The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout

When the girl that detective Joe Hallenback is protecting gets murdered, the boyfriend of the murdered girl (ex-football player Jimmy Dix) attempts to investigate and solve the case. What they discover is that there is deep seated corruption going on between a crooked politician and the owner of a pro football team.

A down and out cynical detective teams up with a down and out ex-quarterback to try and solve a murder case involving a pro football team and a politician. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barry T (mx) wrote: Not Sure If Evan Rachel Wood is a rom com actress but she is ok in this slight inoffensive film with Justin Long. There is a splatter of cameos from Rockwell to Vaughgn. Miller to Phillps but it never ever rings true. He has a dream job and she is a kooky Barrymore wannabe.

Toby E (mx) wrote: I've seen a few movies that have had a similar take on relationships and the film style but this is weak. I initially thought it had potential in the first 15mins or so but then it seems to lack in direction and clear interpretations.

Antonis L (br) wrote: Another eye opening documentary showing the other side of a war through the lives of a bunch of young people with the dream of rocking in a free world. Some of the bands obstacles and problems reminded me of similar situations back in early days of the so called metal scene of Cyprus.

Gregory M (br) wrote: It just is something about Jim Carrey that I really can't appreciate.Yes the problem is just in my head,cause this could easily be on of his best roles.A comedy that I hoped was more romantic than it really was.

Paul D (nl) wrote: It's a deep subject, although not handled as deep as it could have gone, there's a mainstream streak running through it throughout.

jennifer h (us) wrote: Loved this movie too, sad but great!!

Denise M (ag) wrote: Just added Tuscany and Positano on my list of must see places.

Jon P (it) wrote: Almost gave up after 20 mins. Gets better, but still pretty ropey!

R H (de) wrote: Somewhat... bizzare. Kinda liked it.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Fair attempt to tell a mainstream story about a war that was ignored by the world until it was too late.

Keith J (br) wrote: i love last of the dogmen.

Adrian M (ag) wrote: Mute Witness is a well executed low-budget horror/thiller. Some of the suspense and chase sequences are quite well done and the script has a few holes, but it's generally quite clever. Add in some decent acting and we have an enjoyable ride.

Holly C (au) wrote: LOL! One of my all time favorites! This movie has one of the best lines EVER! Edna says, "Your just a shit stain on the panties of life". And Charlie says, "You should know, you lick them every night". LOL! Lots of chick wearing next to nothing, cat fights and Wendy O (Charlie) Williams terrorizing the other inmates, branding her "girls" and blowing up stuff! Not for everybody unless you have a sick sense of humor like me.

Art S (ru) wrote: Speaking of cartoonish...! The last of the comedy duo's many movies for Universal finds them meeting yet another one of the studio's classic monsters (although a cut-rate version here, for sure). Not much has changed, as the two are still bumbling idiots; Lou more so than Bud, of course - but the latter still cooks up the plans that never work, mostly because the former creates trouble wherever he goes. Marie Windsor (a film noir favourite) is on hand as a bad girl after Klaris the mummy's medallion - which Lou has accidentally swallowed. As you do. The mummy has a cult and a cult leader and they also need the medallion. Naturally, the mummy is also alive and on the prowl. Things get rather silly, riffing on all things Egypt (rope trick, snake charming, hidden tombs, OK that's it). Some might say it's all too stupid, but I was amused. For the kind of guy who is only going to watch one Abbott and Costello movie a decade, this was perfectly acceptable.


Peter M (kr) wrote: It's Rex Manning day!

Raymond H (nl) wrote: a nice plot, but you kind of already know the last scene at the start

charlie r (jp) wrote: Utter garbage. The film actually ended about 30 minutes in, but when on for over two hours. The leads had no chemistry, you couldn't for a moment believe that either of these two morons could dress themselves, much less have any success as university students. One of top five worst movies I've ever seen....

Hayden W (it) wrote: A goofy, toned down threequel that still provides enough action and imagination to suffice.

Jennifer T (au) wrote: A little boring. Well put together. Good acting. Good for one time watch. Good action scenes on the mountain.