The Last Challenge

The Last Challenge

An upstart outlaw baits a legendary gunslinger, now a marshal in love with a saloon keeper.

An upstart outlaw (Chad Everett) baits a legendary gunslinger (Glenn Ford), now a marshal in love with a saloonkeeper (Angie Dickinson). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thiago B (it) wrote: With an intriguing premise and a good cast, Louis Drax brings an interesting perspective of life and death, but lacks of compelling dialogues and narrative identity

Frances H (mx) wrote: So bad, and deliberately so, it's hilarious!

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Now that was pretty dope. It's a good Green Lantern Corps movie. Not much of a throughline, but it's a good intro of a handful of various characters.

Esraa A (br) wrote: So nice and the music was great..

helen b (jp) wrote: I don't have much experience with hardcore addicts, but that didn't stop me from relating entirely to the lead character, Ethan, and his neighboring friends and foes. This film has the power to give the viewer so much insight into the life and mind of an addict without being dry or preachy. Using wit, a wry gentleness, a touch of absurdity and a stellar cast, Mark David and co-writer Ronnie Gene Blevins have given us a vivid and imaginitive view of a hopeless man who is, beautifully, full of hope.

Jamey B (de) wrote: This movie is so bad a half star rating is too generous. The acting sucks. The plot sucks. Uwe Boll tried to hard to be like Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This is just a failure and Uwe Boll needs to stop making "films" like this.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: It is absolutelyawful in every wonderful way possible.

Tawania M (de) wrote: cant wait to see it!

Ken D (gb) wrote: Silly, yet awesome. Mixes bad storytelling with incredibly entertaining, over the top action sequences. It's Lara Croft - what did you expect! Brilliant casting by the way.

Cedric R (de) wrote: I'm giving this movie five stars. I found it more organic and entertaining than most "heist" films. First of all, it's a comedy, and the ending could have been ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, but it wasn't. It was very realistic, and well-done I thought. More engaging than SPEED, more funny than any of those dumb KNOCKED UP movies. Best Bromance EVER! I loved it. The movie poses the question of its own identity: comedy or tragedy, and it turns out to be a tragedy. In another film, everyone would have been fine in the end, but that's not what happened. It starts as a comedy, but the comedy dissolves as the situation gets more complicated. Shakespeare is a woderful reference since even his later comedies were considered tragi-comedies because they walked the line between the two. This film also does that.

Lane W (ag) wrote: Though Ball is miscast, too old, and can barely croak/sing, she inhabits Mame with a very different kind of humor than the Lucy we know and love, and the effect is refreshing. Beyond that, her performance is also heartbreaking and tender, proving that there is much more to Lucy than her comedic genius. Bea Arthur steals the beginning of the film, but is forgotten in the middle section before making her entrance again for "Bosom Buddies" and the hilarious antics of the first 1/3 of the film have long faded and are never even remotely touched in the latter part of the film. Overall, the adaptation is pretty choppy, the ending too abrupt, and the vocals so bad they're distracting, but Mame has heart and humor and those are some undeniably redeemable factors.

Carl M (ca) wrote: The world has fallen under attack by aliens once again, and this time, they have taken control of Earth's monsters in order to destroy the human race! It is up to an elite band of scientists and space explorers to put an end to the evil plan before it is too late! DESTROY ALL MONSTERS captures all of the most popular trends that were defined in the Showa Era, from the Space Age plot involving scheming aliens to the all-out monster melee that is promised by the title. Though it never fully delivers in either regard, it is still entertaining enough to appease the fans. DESTROY ALL MONSTERS was originally planned as the final film in the series, and is the last film to feature Godzilla's four founding fathers, with Ishiro Honda directing and Akira Ifukube composing another fine score. Despite an increased budget over the two preceding films, however, the recycled storyline and mediocre special effects fail to live up to INVASION OF THE ASTRO-MONSTER. All of that is forgotten as Toho unleashes its entire monster line-up to destroy each of Earth's capitols before facing off in a giant battle royale against King Ghidorah! The final battle is a bit of a let down since it is relatively short and many of the monsters are forced to sit on the sidelines, but Godzilla and friends gang up and take turns just beating the living hell out of Ghidorah. DESTROY ALL MONSTERS may not be the strongest film in the series, but it features all of the most popular elements that fans have come to adore. -Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Keiko N (nl) wrote: Where to start? Poor writing is just one of this film's faults. Brennan's caricature is unforgivably bad, as is Farmer's singing.

Ericka R (us) wrote: It is interesting at first, but unfortunately, there is a lot of unnecessary scenes and scripts. Sad to say, shame.

Dan M (nl) wrote: Not much of a plot here, but enjoyable nonetheless, thanks to likable characters performed by an all-star cast before they were stars! It was so fun to see these well-known actors at the start of their careers. This was a really nice period piece.

Josh H (au) wrote: What a cute movie. I haven't seen it since the late 1980s, so maybe it's not the same, but I loved it then. UPDATE: I re-watched it and it still holds up as a cute 80s movie.

intuciic (it) wrote: amazing landscapes and interesting story