The Last Chapter

The Last Chapter


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Deborah W (fr) wrote: This is one of the most gripping films I've seen. In this film, three Texas teenagers become involved in a web of deceit and criminal activity. The movie has such masterful edge-of-seat suspense and intrigue that I might as well have been watching a Hitchcock movie. Mackenzie Davis, who plays one of the teens, gives a breakout performance. Mark Pellegrino and William Devane are also fabulous in their roles as bad guys. The film goes beyond being just an action-packed thriller. It is a very thought-provoking film. There is much symbolism and serious content, as two of the teens try to break free from their small town existence. I loved every aspect of this riveting film.

Kay L (fr) wrote: Had a few chuckles, but I wouldn't buy this.

Laiba L (es) wrote: So awesome somethings that i didn't expect in my mind but still awesome

Damon S (kr) wrote: Definately an All star Film. Just watched All-Star Superman (film)? for the first time. I haven't read the full graphic novel, but this is my favorite Superman Animated film. It is full, concise with Superman finally being Super, owning up to his powers responsibilities and giving all he has because it's the right thing to do and only he can do it. Well written from a psychological standpoint and yet throws back to all the Superman Mythos. I loved the story, the characters (even Luthor & Lois) the animation (Beautiful and True to Frank Quietly-who perfected the posture/coordination and hidden muscle), yet I long to read the novel to see the Bizarro world part that was left out. The Ultimate Christ Figure in comics, Supes is finally faced with a sacrifice and his own Mortality. A Great story and a great animated film. Loved the ending.

ryan f (gb) wrote: awesome thriller!! can't wait to watch chapter 2

david w (us) wrote: My favorite Cartoon Network Live Action movie.

Linda Z (br) wrote: Paul Rudd is in it. Written and directed by Amy Heckerling. That should be enough for you to watch it.

Paul J (us) wrote: Want to see it, but I bet its going to be poor

Sarah L (it) wrote: A tiny bit of suspense in the heart surgery part but apart from that it was a very dull film. Not worth watching.

Dustin J (au) wrote: This is an awesome movie! People who have an absolute hatred for the band KISS probably won't like it, but still a great movie nonetheless.

Matt S (es) wrote: Not only is this the worst movie I've ever seen with Dinosaurs (granted they're in it for like.... 2 seconds), it's one of the most excrutiating cinematic experiences I've ever undertaken... TWICE. The second time was an accident :-(

Dustin B (fr) wrote: The good: An excellent practical effects showcase, the likes of which is almost never seen in the modern day.The bad: I know entirely too much about Mr. Tarantino's personal preferences based on the content of this film.Recommended for fans of wacky action and extreme violence. Not recommended for those with delicate sensibilities due to extreme language, violence, and sexual content.

Juliet F (it) wrote: Il libro molto meglio, per.

andy s (fr) wrote: good film and watchable but acting is poor

Oremo O (kr) wrote: When they tell you that a movie is based on a true story you always wonder exactly how much truth is included in the movie. If Flyboys is based on a true story then that story is about 40 minutes too long, very predictable, has no character development and has a useless romance. Just saying! Hmm what caniI say is positive about this movie. Let's see. The action sequences aren't terrible. Thats all.