The Last Circus

The Last Circus

The journey of Javier, the obese Sad Clown, starts during his childhood in the midst of the Spanish civil war in 1937. His father, one of Spain’s most prominent jesters, is detained and tortured by the fascist regime.

A young trapeze artist must decide between her lust for Sergio, the Happy Clown, or her affection for Javier, the Sad Clown, both of whom are deeply disturbed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Holly R (gb) wrote: Excellent! As a huge Big Star fan for many years, it was nice to see how all the pieces fit together.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Man 'swims' home by visiting the neighbouring pools all the way home, revealing more of Burt Lancaster's character and past with each pool he visits. A truly unique film.

Lanky Man P (kr) wrote: This guy should have at least attempted to hide himself. What a moron.

Gareth D (nl) wrote: A slow meandering look at Coco Chanel before Chanel, has very little to do with fashion and more to do with a personal journey (not a particularly interesting one).

Julien E (es) wrote: Un film intressant au dpart, mais qui perd progressivement son intrt. a reste regardable

Deena D (br) wrote: It's all about being lucky :)

Rakesh M (ag) wrote: i love movies inspired from the true stories and to top it all its about the horse. a great film... very well directed.. not even for a minute the movie lost the plot... :)

Sergio M (kr) wrote: probablemente cuente con los dilogos ms naturales de toda la historia del cine y con algunos de los personajes ms crebles. cada da me alegro ms de no tener que trabajar en un infierno de oficina... hay escenas y lneas antolgicas: fumando en la azotea, la conversacin "pues a m me ha ayudado"... una joya.

Leonard D (ca) wrote: I enjoyed it back when it first came to video, though, I felt that something wasn't right in it! The frisking scene was kinda arousing, but the rest of the film was meh.

Jerod B (au) wrote: o' come on Tommy and a bunch of hot girls gotta love it..........

Jeff H (au) wrote: Being from Minnesota I liked all of the Minnesota touches. The charisma of a young Marisa Tormei is the main appeal of this movie. I didn't buy into Christian Slater's character and he is mis-cast as the strong silent type.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Weak Hammer Horror ripoff of "The Exorcist" and "Rosemary's Baby." The film does feature a strong cast that includes Richard Widmark, Christopher Lee, Honor Blackman, Denholm Elliott and a 14 year old Nastassja Kinski. The film is based on a Dennis Wheatley novel, who also provided the source material for one of Hammer's best films, "The Devil Rides Out," though Wheatley criticized this film for not following his novel. Maybe if it had done so, this film would have been better. While seeming highly derivative this film also seems a lot more salacious that other Hammer pictures. Hammer pictures always featured beautiful buxom women, but this film borders on sexploitation and not in an enjoyable campy way. Still, there are enough effective moments and a solid cast to make it worth checking out for fans of the genre.

David D (au) wrote: Complete rubbish but watchable all the same.

Victoria W (au) wrote: Yeah, no. It's just too bizarre to see a naive, cutesy Cleopatra when one is used to the great queen and demi goddess of the Nile presented by Liz Taylor (and by every history lesson I ever had) The plot is too contrived, the movie itself is boring... and dear GOD, what was UP with leaving out the actual romance between them, and with Cleopatra whining the whole film about wanting to find Mark Antony? Just... nooo.

Troy F (mx) wrote: Ping Pong Summer may be very cliche-ridden with many stereotype characters and a familiar coming-of-age summer type film, but it's a neat tribute to 80's culture with its music and style, and its awkward tone and exchanges and relationships between the main character Rad Miracle and his family and other characters often feel genuine and honest, more so than other films. It's a thin film that doesn't offer much of anything new and not much of a story either, but it is a fun film and the awkward tonality and style, though questionable, is the one thing that makes the film stand out and makes it enjoyable enough for a recommendation.