The Last Day

The Last Day

At Christmas time, 19 year old Simon returns home to visit his dysfunctional family with Louise, a fearless girl he met during his train ride. While Simon struggles to cope with the growing distance between him and his parents, he starts to examine his feelings when Louise develop a liaison of her own with his childhood friend Mathieu.

A young artist's return home is offset by his unrequited love for a childhood male friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roberto Z (gb) wrote: esta bien chingona y el Omar Chaparro es el que le da ese toque de risa con todas sus ocurrencias se las recomiendo

Paul D (fr) wrote: This movie is wine porn and I love it.

Leslie H (kr) wrote: I was deeply moved and entertained by this film. I deal with a disability myself and through my exploration in finding "spiritual meaning" and healing for myself, and how I can share these awarenesses with others, and still honor myself, is a challenge! I found myself a number of times reaching for a pen and paper to write down lines and thoughts from the film. The subject matter was approached in a, "not sappy" but artistic and edgy way that is so very rarely seen in films about this subject. Thank you, Mark and Chris, for your inspiration!

Jacob S (au) wrote: Dolph Lundgren shows considerable skills as a director with this effort. Atmosphere and camerawork are well above average for a low-budget movie. The supporting cast is solid and Dolph is as bad as ever. The plot is well used in the genre but nicely executed. Dolph seems to have aged a lot better than the rest of the stars in the B-movie genre, like Seagal, who has turned into a bad joke in recent years. Great flick!

Paul J (nl) wrote: The final chapter in the trilogy isn't as good as the previous two. Still, it has some surprisingly remarkable imagery. Considering, the entire film is computer manipulated, it's amazing that there is still a genuine heartfelt emotion evident. Plus, the score by Glass (with the help of Yo-Yo Ma) is to die for.

Mika K (jp) wrote: I love this movie so much.There is no fancy adaptation but there is an unaffectedly life of people.

dan b (jp) wrote: What?!? Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards?!? Oh my Goddddddddddd!!!!!! Seriously this is essentially what Gone With The Wind would have been like if it had been a vampire movie. Interestingly the plot takes some Film Noir-type turns which made it unique if not very scary.

Andy F (ag) wrote: A gothic visual masterpiece. The sets and dark imagery are hugely impressive. Dietrich though I thought was a little disappointing, but the story itself is engaging. The backstory of Catherine The Great is a novel touch rather than focusing on her years in power.

Christopher E (gb) wrote: A true marksmanship of how found-footage films should be written. Katie (Katie Featherson) and Micah (Micah Sloat) are a twentysomething couple who've just moved into a new home in San Diego, CA. Katie has an interest in the paranormal and believes that malevolent spirits have been following her since childhood, though Micah is not so easily convinced. However, after several nights of loud noises and strange happenings, Micah starts to agree with Katie that some sort of ghost may have followed them to the new home. After a paranormal researcher tells the couple he can't help them, Micah decides to take control of the situation and sets up a battery of video cameras so that if a spirit manifests itself, he can capture its behavior on tape. The found-footage genre is one of the easiest genres to enter a film into nowadays, making it one of the most saturated, overused, and dullest markets out there. But it's so successful for a reason, and that success can be traced back years ago to "The Blair Witch Project". However, I believe that this film is the film that really took the reigns of the found-footage genre and made it something real. The marketing for this film was genius. The way they advertised this film and distributed it was so clever that it captured the attention of many and deceived audiences everywhere. No one really knew the truth behind this film and it was one of the scariest films of the year. This film feels so real and so genuine and like I said, this is what found-footage films should be like.This is literally one of the highest profit-margins for a film in the history of ever. This film took a low budget and created a realistic, disturbing flick that captured the hearts of many. The acting in this film and the screenplay were very well done. It feels like we're on this journey with a real couple and that's what makes it scarier. The fact that we can relate to everything makes this film even more scary. We all fear that we may get tormented in our safe place (sleep), and that's exactly what happens here. The movie gets into your mind and sticks there.The film is suspenseful, scary, and smart. I wish the following films in the franchise were just as good, however, I hope that the found-footage genre can find the spark that this film once had in order to brighten the future of horror.

Bruno D (br) wrote: Star Trek: The Voyage Home is the fourth movie in the Star Trek Original series and it picks up right where the third movie left off. The film follows the main crew as an alien probe approaches earth and is going to destroy it but the only thing thats able to communicate with it and stop it are humpback whales which are all extinct. The crew then has to venture back to the 20th century in order to bring the whales to their time and prevent the end of the world. Gotta say I love this movie. This is the most light hearted of the series so far and by far the funniest. I laughed a lot in this movie. The cast delivers great and hilarious performances as well as being iconic and memorable have great banter between Kirk and Spock. I highly recommend this movie. It may be the least Star Trekie of the series but its definitely a risk they took and it payed off.

Sonya M (es) wrote: my 2yr old enjoyed it and I did as well.

Bill R (ru) wrote: a b movie creature feature that has the feel of a syfy movie and a total rip off from The thing. given the type of movie, it's not a terrible watch, a few laughable moments due to cheese but still good.