The Last Day of Summer

The Last Day of Summer

Luke Malloy is freaking out. He doesn't want tomorrow to come because tomorrow means starting Middle School...saying goodbye to summer break and hello to homework. And even worse, hello to getting picked on by Meat, the terrible torturer of new kids. Luke's dread of tomorrow is casting a shadow on his enjoyment of his last day of summer, so he makes a wish that the Last Day of Summer would last forever... that his one last perfect day of fun and freedom would never end. But when his wish comes true, he discovers that he's stuck repeating the day over and over again, which, as Luke quickly learns, isn't any better. What do you do when the "ultimate do-over" isn't all it's cracked up to be?

The fun starts when 11-year old Luke wishes he could have his last day of vacation all over again - and his dreams come true! But when he relives the last day of summer over and over again,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Indira S (nl) wrote: love the overall message of the movie

Connery C (ru) wrote: Other people: Their will never be a film as bad as spy kids 3d game over! Me: I like spy kids 3, but omg this is worse! thank god their not making another one.Other people: agree

Jason J (de) wrote: I have to say that this movie engaged me completely. I could feel deeply for all the characters. Of course if you want a plot, action and a resolution you won't find it here. But there is room for many different kinds of movies for different tastes. It was not so much a story as a picture of a family having to cope with the aftermath of the tragic death of their wife/mother. Any neat resolution would have been unrealistic. The fact that it showed domestic scenes was the whole point really. Everyday life has to go on, despite the pain of loss. The city of Genoa, with its maze of alleys and slightly threatening feel, as well as its beauty, was a perfect backdrop, to a family emotionally adrift and lost, trying to find a way through their loss to some kind of normal life.I thought all the actors did a marvellous job, and were totally convincing in the way they related to each other and reacted to their situation. This was a perfect role for Colin Firth. He is able to convey so much emotionally, with great restraint and delicacy of touch. I can see why people might find thismovie boring but for me this was not the case. If you are interested in human relations, particularly family relations and grief, this is well worth seeing.

Matthew C (nl) wrote: Imagine having a satisfying ending to a legendary manga and its equally good anime. Now imagine writing a poorly written fanfic that isn't canon to either the manga or anime, contradicts every bit of character development in both, and has an infuriatingly unnecessary sad ending. Now imagine animating that fanfic. Yup.

Deven W (ca) wrote: I enjoy it because its my childhood.....however it has some faults. The voice acting is pretty bad, Affleck cant hold a movie in my opinion, they make Jacob so unlikeable, they gave the Brothers nooooooo character, the animation is a little sloppy, and the score sucks. Is there redeeming quality to this yes James Eckhouse as Potiphar both the voice acting and character is fantastic. But if you really want to see the story of Joseph................see the Donny Osmond musical lol

Jo Y (fr) wrote: She is very good actress.She married Paul Newman..

Rick Q (au) wrote: "dark victory" is a perfect example of how something depressing can be beautiful, led by a stellar performance from leading lady, bette davis.

Sonny S (de) wrote: Loved it. Great success story for these Irish Filmmakers. Fun movie with a lot of heart.