The Last Days of Pompeii

The Last Days of Pompeii

Based on the Edward Bulwer-Lytton novel. Set in the shadows of Mt. Vesuvius just before its famous eruption, the film begins with Glaucus, a Roman legionnaire, returning to his home from far-off wars. Upon arriving, however, he discovers that his father has been murdered by a gang of black-hooded looting bandits. Glaucus vows revenge against the killers, but just how high up are those involved?

Based on the Edward Bulwer-Lytton novel. Set in the shadows of Mt. Vesuvius just before its famous eruption, the film begins with Glaucus, a Roman legionnaire, returning to his home from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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deletedSoul (ca) wrote: I couldn't finish it, it was just too cheesy. It gets a full star because Wil Wheaton was in it. :)

Derek W (us) wrote: A plot that seems as if it was written sloppily on a napkin in a drunken stupor is quirky and very unique, but the talented leads cannot carry this strange 95 minute experience out of obscurity.

Ryan K (es) wrote: teve Zahn is mildly entertaining. Seems there was use of too many clips that shouldn't have made the final cut. Cast interactions were quite weak. The screenplay lacked any exciting twists and wasn't efficient in setting up the plot. The only thing keeping viewers watching are the quick laughs every ten minutes or so. Overall the film was very jumpy and unrealistic.

Lee P (es) wrote: in collection.....not seen it

Andy G (fr) wrote: My third favorite Tom Hanks movie, behind Apollo 13 and Forrest Gump. It's strange to see a movie with so little dialogue, and almost no music, and yet still be this good. Some of Tom Hanks' best acting for sure. It's pretty impressive if you can get an audience to care so much about a volleyball, as if it was a real person, but that's something only Tom Hanks could do. Some of the effects are dated by today's standards, but they were done with good lighting/weather effects and cinematography, that the problems with them are hard to spot, so that's only a minor issue with the movie. And perhaps it was the transfer on the Blu-ray, but it seemed like the film quality didn't hold up to current HD standards very well either, whereas other movies from around the same time look fine. There were also a few areas where it seemed like the sound mixing could have been better. Other than those things, which are honestly minor complaints, the film feels mostly perfect to me. Personal Grade: S+Technical Score: 94%

Craig Z (fr) wrote: provocative and fascinating

Jason P (br) wrote: the first one was funny so maybe

Matthew A (mx) wrote: Here we have another picture by director Max Ophuls, which drips with style while possessing a dark undercurrent. This time around Ophuls uses an unseen narrator for most of the movie to string together three short stories by Guy de Maupassant about love and relationships. The bookend stories are masterful portrayals of relational emptiness. It's the middle story that slows down a bit, but it's a biting commentary about what keeps a society alive and moving forward.

Sylvester E (ca) wrote: This entire is amazing. It's a heartfelt film with a lot of soul. You'll enjoy it from start to finish.

Alexander Z (br) wrote: Usual Suspects lite. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. However, once again Connie Nielsen proves she can't maintain an American accent to save her life.

Bilal a (us) wrote: Gotta love the montage!

Carlos D (it) wrote: after rewatching this (like 20 something years later) I have to say it looks reaaally good,and it's fun too! I see why Jonah Hill tried to mimic this with no success at all...the most pretty rare item in this movie -and quite essential to the plot- was a playboy magazine....are those things still around?...i don't know...