The Last Flight

The Last Flight

Aviator Marie Vallières de Beaumont goes on a journey to find her lover Bill Lancaster after his plane disappears in the Sahara. After her plane is forced down in the Ténéré she meets Lieutenant Antoine Chauvet of the French Camel Corps who joins in the hunt for Lancaster. As the two endure hardships in the desert, they begin to develop feelings for each other.

A woman goes on a journey to find her lover after his plane disappears in the Sahara. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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iain m (br) wrote: There is a scene of a rehearsal in a hotel where the saxophonist ain't happy - I dare you to watch and listen and not feel the funk, this is a special film.

El H (it) wrote: You're insane not to see this, as an American.

James H (us) wrote: 5.5/10. It means well but winds up too preachy and tackles too many issues for it's own good. Vanessa Williams gives an earnest and sincere performance, the rest of the cast does well too.

Curtis V (ru) wrote: The Worst Movie Ever made!!!!!!!!!!!! This movie is a terrible example of anything I have seen Infomercials with better acting and richer plot lines. If there was a way Possble I would Sue everyone involved in this disasterpiece for punitive damages and Theft of my valuable time. The Budget must have been about 45.00 for the movie the actors well probably were from the local street theater. The Transforming Vampire Clown Serial Killer is as frieghtning as a box full of kittens. If you ever do anything in your life stay far, far away from this movie and pray for that anything bad that could ever happen to anyone only happen to the cast and the crew of this movie. The Cops drove like a 85 toyota camry with no lights or police tagging outside the vehicle. All the "Terror Enthralled" Death scenes were the same the Morphing Clown would glow and growl and paw at the victim like a ball of yarn then someone would throw tangerine paint in that general dirction on a floor or a wall to give the impression that someone died from that attack. Filmed Poorly, Directed Poorly, Acting was the most apauling thing to happen to humanity since the holocaust. If you decide that you want to watch it do so only knowing that what ever your spending in gas to pick it up or rent/buy the DVD or VHS would be better off flushed down the Toilet. Seriously The Worst movie ever made hands down.

Leroy R (nl) wrote: dont understand why people are giving this movie a bad review. THIS MOVIE IS A CLASSIC I LOVE IT!

Mark W (nl) wrote: Well I think they recovered a little for this final instalment of Frankenstein from Hammer! Although the stories have been so similar and the films very similar to one another, this instalment brought back a real monster creation... However he did look quite absurd! Overall though it felt like more of the same and although better than the previous film it was still far from the franchise's high points!

Carlos M (jp) wrote: Apart from that natural drawback of most anthologies - being a rather uneven piece made of contrasting stories -, this film is a charming and refreshing experience that benefits mainly from its sumptuous visuals and splendid use of tracking shots and long takes.

Abhishek S (us) wrote: A great message but got a little lost in execution. Bits playing to the gallery are unappreciated and bits where he takes leaps of faith are loved. Corsica and Japan was cliche. The director of "Jab we Met" doesnt need a foreign location to sell his film unless he is unsure of his own capability. Imtiaz Ali could have done better.

Yash B (ca) wrote: Clever film that's kids will love and all audiences can find something to enjoy. I think it serves it's purpose well.