The Last Godfather

The Last Godfather

Young-goo the son of mafia boss Don Carini, is too foolish to be part of the mafia elite. One day, Young-goo comes to his father and is trained by Tony V to be his father's successor. A few days later, Young-goo accidentally rescues Nancy, the only daughter of Don Bonfante, the boss of a rival mafia family. But Vinnie, an under-boss of the Bonfante family kidnapped her and fabricates that Young-goo has taken her. Vinnie's behavior provokes an armed conflict between the two families.

A Mafia boss trains his mentally impaired son as his successor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrey B (it) wrote: Fine film in every aspect, as a beautiful movie and as an educational story.

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Foster puts on a good show here, but Flightplan never really elevates beyond mediocre. Part of this is due to the fact that its plot is implausible to the extent where we don't trust anything in the movie anymore.

Sergio O (de) wrote: It'd be better if it didn't try to moralize kidnapping and class warfare.

Jason B (au) wrote: How come Bridgette Wilson ain't in more shtiuff? I never should have seen 3rd rock from the sun because the squinty little guy I see and just think alien. But to anyone that has ever been in an atrociously gd'aweful relationship, this is a fun ride about how women are crazy and guys are cruel. Even though love is in the title it's no where in the movie. Worth a few guilt chuckles and they had a chance to make it a soft fuzzy ending, I'm glad they didn't....

Sina L (jp) wrote: My favorite Fred Astaire dance scene is in this movie. The only reason why I like it.

Bobby N (ag) wrote: Not to bad, if you like this stuff.

Ryan S (jp) wrote: Woof. This was a rough one.LEARNING