The Last Gunfight

The Last Gunfight

Japanese police detective Saburo Fujioka is suspected of corruption, demoted, and sent to the city of Kojin. Kojin is the scene of fierce fighting between rival gangs. Fujioka is assigned to investigate the death of the wife of gangster Tetsuo Maruyama of the Kozuka gang, probably at the hands of one of the Oka gang. During a gang gunfight, Maruyama is rescued by Detective Fujioka and the two become friends. But Maruyama insists on avenging his wife's murder, even if it means conflict with his new friend.

Japanese police detective Saburo Fujioka is suspected of corruption, demoted, and sent to the city of Kojin. Kojin is the scene of fierce fighting between rival gangs. Fujioka is assigned ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ioana (au) wrote: For me it was a pleasant experience!

Karsh D (ru) wrote: disappointing supernatural drama about a student who develops a relationship with a ghost of a misfit classmate

Selena F (kr) wrote: please let me see please I'm begging you

Christopher L (ca) wrote: [i][b]The Love Letter[/b][/i] - Little more than a predictable love fantasy, this one has a few cute moments and a few hilarious ones from the always-funny Ellen DeGeneres. The film, though, at only 88 minutes, is a bit long. [b]** (out of ****) C[i]Maid in Manhattan[/i][/b] - Silly update of the [i]Cinderella[/i] story with J. Lo as a maid in a Manhattan hotel who falls for a lazy Ralph Fiennes. Boring! [b]*1/2 (out of ****) D+[i]Mambo Italiano[/i][/b] - Silly, cliched gay love story. Paul Sorvino is fun, though. [b]*1/2 (out of ****) C-[i]Miami Rhapsody[/i][/b] - Cliches, cliches, cliches for sure, but there are some really funny moments and some good performances. [b]**1/2 (out of ****) B-[i]My Best Friend's Wedding[/i][/b] - I love this movie. The only reason it's not a 10/10 is because of some of the slapstick humor, which is taken a bit far at times. Otherwise, it's a fabulously acted, wonderfully atypical romance. I fell in love with it. [b]***1/2 (ou tof ****) A-[/b]

Peter C (mx) wrote: quirky cute creative

Matthew M (au) wrote: sick Chuck Norris movie steve james is the man. and Norris is the man I felt this could have been so much better than it was though

Robert H (ca) wrote: MIRCH MASALA is a film that I watched for my World Cinema class this semester and it certainly is a good one. It tells the story of a woman, Sonbai (Smita Patil), who is sought after by a subedar (tax collector). She continually resists his advances and ends up hiding in a spice factory as the subedar doesn't intend to take her rejection of him. Thematically, the film deals with resistance to (colonial) oppression, with the subedar serving as the symbol of British colonialism and Sonbai representing the ordinary Indian citizen. And since the story largely focuses on women, it could be thought of as a feminist film to a certain degree. What the film does well is develop its characters in terms of personality and motivation. The most attention is paid to the tax collector, but with the intention of having you hate him. There was a particularly well-done scene in which he overreacts to someone who accidentally breaks one of his phonograph records. In this one scene you get a sense of this man as someone who looks down on his fellow countrymen who aren't in service to the British, as well as someone who is quick to anger when something happens that he doesn't like. There is also his singular motive to sexually claim Sonbai, a married woman, and which provides the main narrative thrust (no pun intended). Generally speaking, I thought that the themes were handled well, if a little broadly and "on the nose" at times. What didn't always work for me was a lot of the acting, which seemed kind of stagey. I also didn't care for the sound mix on the DVD. I understand that a lot of films from the 1980's and before (especially foreign films) were post-synced, but there didn't seem to be a good balance between various sound elements. Also, for all of the build-up to the finale, I thought it went by a little too quickly. Overall, MIRCH MASALA has a good, socially conscious message, but it hasn't aged too well in my opinion.

Corey T (br) wrote: Taking a lot of liberties with the story, this version has great special effects and Leelee looks amazing in gold skin, but probably allot more enjoyable if you don't know anything about mythology.

D M (nl) wrote: Michael Moriarty convincingly plays a bumbling small-time criminal who stumbles upon the nest of a great winged demon serpent who has been preying on the residents of New York City. The Mexican immigrants are excited the bird is killing (as they have recognized it as their old god, Quetzalcoatl), so they start killing NYC citizens in their traditional methods, skinning and removing the hearts of their victims. David Carradine & Richard Roundtree are the investigators attempting to solve this mystery and Candy Clark plays the criminal's cute girlfriend. A solid film with decent acting and direction; the stop-animation was a definite plus.

Melvin W (it) wrote: Taps is a decent movie but nothing spectacular. The plot is full of holes but still is entertaining. The thing that makes the movie worth the watch is the performances by Hutton, Penn, and Cruise. This is the movie that launched Penn's career and allowed him to go onto bigger and better things. This was also only Cruise's second role. The story suffers a little from the impossibilities but the performances more than make up for it and make the movie worth the watch.

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