The Last Horror Film

The Last Horror Film

A New York taxi driver stalks a beautiful actress attending the Cannes Film Festival, which coincides with a series of violent killings of the lady's friends.

A monstrous taxi driver who has dreams of becoming a film director is obsessed with the famous actress Jana Bates. Because of wanting to have her star in his first film, he follows Jana to the Cannes Film Festival. While the taxi driver attracts Jana’s attention, a serial murder occurs among people around Jana. Are the fanatical cabbie and mysterious murderer the same? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Regina H (us) wrote: If there was a film to nominate for mystery science theatre 3000 this is it.

Herodney E (br) wrote: Funny movie Kevin hart just kills me. But a good interesting story line with a awesome line up of actors.

Constance T (es) wrote: this was a wonderful movie if anyone out here in the world that doesn't understand how good our father is in heaven ..please watch this movie... Grace & forgiveness is a powerful tool this worldAMEN.AMEN AMEN... THANK YOU LORD AND BLESS THE WRITER'S ..

Lucie P (jp) wrote: a movie about the generation gap between two Chinas.a usual topic treated with relevancy. fresh and moving

Martin P (ca) wrote: Bit depressing and rather slow at times. Not sure what I expected but the the title must have been picked out of a hat.

Federico F (nl) wrote: Epic and monumental for all Tolkien fans. A company managed by the whole crew, from the director, the cast, the production, not counting the smallest detail on the sets

Nels W (nl) wrote: Not quite as literary as the short story that inspired it, but definitely achieves what it was aiming for. A bit slow sometimes and pretty straightforward in terms of plot and character arc, but the performances by everyone are very good and the cinematography keeps it visually interesting enough to keep going.

bill s (mx) wrote: Short just chews up the screen in this manic,zany comedy.

Jack W (ca) wrote: Very patriotic and serviceable film from John Ford, though I often feel that many Ford films suffer from a real lack of story. This film is no exception. That said, it is functional and serves it's original purpose which was to be a patriotic showcase for the Navy. There are some really good, highly extensive battle scenes and it is captured with some good cinematography. Other than that though, nothing particularly stands out.

Lee B (jp) wrote: Very intense vampire flick.... these vamps dont seduce you... they rip you apart.. i liked the cast and premise of the movie.. i enjoyed it alot.

David P (mx) wrote: Every fall I get together with my grade school Connecticut pals and we take a 3/4 dayroad trip to some where in the United States. We are all in our mid 50's now and beenfriends forever.I had a sense from the one preview I saw that this was a a buddy road trip sort of movieand it was though the gents were in their late 60's or early 70's. Essentially 2 ex brothersin-laws, one a recently retired doctor (Earl Lynn Nelson) and the other a down on his luckand his money widower (Paul Eenhoom). Both are likable and look familar (didn't researchtheir filmography)In short, they are cruising around Iceland, mainly in the barren but beautiful hinderlandstrying to find their youth, their sense of adventure and plus solidify a long gone friendship.Only 96 minutes long, this film moves along but to nowhere in particular. There is a goodbit of advise they share, particularly the doctor, with younger folk they meet along thejourney.The travel all about this remote country in a huge, gas guzzling H2 Hummer, yet there isnot a single mention of running low on gas, finding a gas station etc. Maybe I'm justbeing picky but I kept thinking this throughout the film.Plenty of nice, funny, interpersonal banter throughout and I really enjoyed. Perfect filmfor The Showroom in Asbury Park. I do hope that we have their sense of adventure andyouthful spirit at their age. The film had very little discussion, if any, on either othersmedical ailments which added to their youthful spirit.

Noname (au) wrote: A fair thriller/horror about some friends traveled to Brazil. They thought it should be a nice vacation but they get problems with some strange ppl. A bit violence in this one. Overall an okey flick.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Would like to get round to seeing!

Iain B (ag) wrote: Everything gets smashed to pieces again