The Last Hunt

The Last Hunt

A buffalo hunter (Stewart Granger) has a falling-out with his partner (Robert Taylor), who kills for fun.

Set in the early 1880s, this is the story of one of the last buffalo hunts in the Northwest. Sandy McKinzie is tired of hunting buffalo, and tired of killing-Charley on the other hand ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (mx) wrote: Talented cast......wasted but talented cast.

Lucas P (fr) wrote: Knife in The Water, Before Sunrise, Woody Allen, Charlie Kauffman, Jim Jarmush and even some Breathless, all mixed up together on a original tale that talks about love, art and relationships.

Aaron P (au) wrote: gymnastics....I don't think so

Billy M (fr) wrote: Best Bukowski film/doc/adaptation. No structure, but that's the way it's supposed to be. Love to watch this one when I'm blue.

Leah B (fr) wrote: I love Beethoven, I LOVE Gary Oldman, and I am a sucker for doomed and tragic love affairs, so yeah, good flick. Seriously though, a very beautiful speculative portrait of a mysterious and brilliant man through the eyes of the women who thought they knew him best and who barely knew him at all.

Taba H (jp) wrote: Ninjalinjalla jatketaan entiseen tapaan, talla kertaa erikoisuutena on Dudikoffin ja Bradleyn molempien osallistuminen leffaan, alussa Bradley vetaa jaykkia kiertareita ja joutuu kuseen, sitten kutsutaan vanha american ninja kehiin, joka kylla uudemman paihittaa seka koreografioissa ja "nayttelyssa", jos mahdollista, James Booth oikein karrikoituna sadisti-kiduttaja-pedofiili-raiskaaja -pahiksena, jota kuuluu vihata, jostain mielenvikaisesta syysta leffaan on sotkettu jotain madmax-henkisia kirvein ja keihain varustettuja nahkiksia, jotka ovat sitten kai hyviksia, wtf...

Claire F (it) wrote: i love true stories!

Brian C (au) wrote: Disappointing on so many levels, this movie deserves all of the suck awards it can get. Despite good actors and a promising beginning/mystery, it just goes south so fast. All of the performances are phoned in, and nothing is believable.

Daniel V (gb) wrote: I gave this movie a B+

Rorshach S (kr) wrote: Full of silly action and a incoherent story, The Transporter fails even as popcorn entertainment.

Scott W (gb) wrote: Silly and embarassing nonsense

Andrew W (fr) wrote: This is a well made, fantastically acted faith based film that's based off a true story, with a dramatic emotional premise, great character development, and surprising some funny moments. The movie has a good script that makes you feel for the main character and his family as they go through a tough emotional time that would break a lot of people's faith. I amA Christian and I really enjoyed this as much as Heaven is for Real, Courageous, Gods not dead, and When the game stands tall, both great movies. The few things I didn't like about the movie was that it didn't have that inspirational punch that the When the Game Stands Tall had. The second thing I didn't like was they should of talked more about the 90 minutes he spent in heaven and it could of been a little shorter. I give this movie a A-.