The Last Joint Venture

The Last Joint Venture

The decade of the hippies is at an end and the 80's are approaching fast. Carl and Robert are two doped out guys who lives in harmony with the world around them and let life pass by in an eternal hash high. They have been peddling hashish for a decade, hitting an all time high with this last batch: 45 Kilos of pure, high grade Nepalese Hashish. Following the delivery, the police are on their tail.

1979 is ending, the 80s are approaching rapidly. Carl and Robert, two slacker best friends who smoke hashish as a way of cheerful living - have been peddling hashish for a decade, hitting ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob A (kr) wrote: Ethan Hawke was really good, one of my favorite performences from him thus far. Even John Travolta was good in this movie, in my opinion he has done nothing good since Pulp Fiction. SPOILER ALERT..... A Western about a guy who kills everybody involved in killing his dog... OMG love it!!!! What a great way to approach a western! Also the whole feel of the movie seemed alot more authentic than most Western movies I have seen.

Robert B (fr) wrote: Sweetgrass (Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor, 2009)Sweetgrass opens with two incredibly compelling shots that would do Bla Tarr proud. In some ways, they set the tone for the film; there's a lot of landscape, a lot of sheep, and a lot of lingering shots, either stationary or slow-pan. Barbash and Castaing-Taylor are well aware of Tarr. And if the movie played out its full length as it does in those first two shots and the twenty-five minutes that follow them, I would have put this pretty high on my list of favorite documentaries ever. Unfortunately, as you may surmise from that last sentence, it doesn't.The first half-hour is gorgeous. It keeps up with the sheep-and-landscape theme. Humans exist in the movie, of course, but at no point during the first half-hour are those humans more than background noise, either in their presence in the film or the movie's sound (which, I should warn you, my wife found incredibly annoying; I had no problems with it). It is languid, and it is breathtaking.Then the humans take center stage, and while I won't say the entire thing goes to pot, it takes a pretty sharp left turn in that direction. These are not likable folks, for the most part. Actually, I've been sitting here for ten minutes trying to come up with diplomatic ways to talk about this, and I can't. I hated these people. Every last one of them. The sheep have better personalities.Whenever the directors left the humans and cut to another slow pan shot of a huge mountain with sheep coming down it or a tree framed in moonlight or a sheep's face in close-up, I rejoiced a little. I also spent some time hoping that there would be another human-free half-hour bookending the film, but (spoiler alert!) it was not to be.Well worth watching for the first half-hour. Touch and go after that. ** 1/2

Dennis F (mx) wrote: Decent movie with shitty ending.

Melissa W (jp) wrote: Beautiful film, if you can overlook the poor acting.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: After critical acclaim for his biopic Bird (1988) and bringing Dirty Harry to a close, Clint Eastwood took on this quasai-biographical adventure based on the life of John Huston when he chose to make The African Queen (1952), although names have been changed, though it's puzzling as to why they did that. It has flambouyant, adventurous director John Wilson (Eastwood) who plans to fly out to Africa to shoot his next film, in tow, he has young, aspiring writer Pete Verrill (Jeff Fahey), who is honoured to be working with such a great director, but Wilson incurs the wrath of producer Paul Landers (George Dzundza) who is bleeding money. Out in the wilds of Uganda, Wilson has one big obsession, he wishes to go game hunting and kill an elephant, believing it's "the ultimate sin". It's as if he has something to prove, but even out in Africa, he's living the life of a posh playboy, as if money grows on trees, taking risks as well, even choosing to delay the shoot to go and hunt his prize elephant, but is his search in vain?? Will the mad genius get his quarry?? It's a great idea for a film, but there's no explanation as to why Eastwood had to disguise it with aliases. Despite support from Alun Armstrong, Marisa Berenson, Edward Tudor-Pole and Timothy Spall, it feels like Eastwood chickened out when it came going all the way.

Todd A (ag) wrote: It's great as usual and we all love snoopy but the lack of dialogue robs the film of the usual Peanut film charm. That combined with a bit of a moodier story means the film fails to reach the heights of the first film.

bob b (us) wrote: 1 word "RUBBISH AS HELL" well that was 3 words but stillhey ho

Ross L (kr) wrote: Hulk, I mean Rip, is so much more than a pile of muscles. He is a caring brother to crippled Randy, he's romantic and a hero to his damsel in distress and he even show a little fear in the face of the human monster Zeus (who is the scariest man alive). This movie showcased The Hulk as a well rounded actor... and that he can body slam a 300 lb man. This movie is AWESOME! Go see it and you will be better for it. Just don't expect to feel smarter at the end. 2009 movies: 49

Private U (jp) wrote: An impressive achievement for its time, this film is an interesting glimpse into different views about space and the moon in the 1920s. Although the launch scene is strong and thrilling, the soundtrack is enjoyable, and the acting is fun, the film suffers from being too long and zany.

Cecilia B (mx) wrote: it was alright. pretty good story. just wish it had ended better.

Konrad A (ca) wrote: Penguin makes a very good villain in this movie I like how he hides in the sewers and he has live Penguins with him he is pretty creepy Danny Devito that played penguin was good. Cat woman played by Michelle Pfeiffer was a good villain she was quite an acrobat on her fighting skills and doing backflips. If your a fan of bat man check this out!My favorite line Is when Penguin is coming through the sewers on his duck boat with his umbrella witch is a gun, and said, My babies did you miss me oh did you miss me!! Great speech Oswald. Penguin pushes his partner with an (umbrella) yelling. My name is not Oswald!!! It's Penguin!!! I'm not a human being I'm an animal!! Cold blooded!!! Crank the AC!! where are my lists? Give me the names it's time!! These are the name of the first born sons of Gotham City. Just like I was. And like me terrible fate awaits them. ( he passes out lists ) and to night while their parents party they'll be dreaming away in there safe cribs and there soft beds. We will snatch them Carry them in the sewer!! And toss them into a deep dark watery grave!! Penguin? Henchman said, I mean killing sleeping children isn't that a little uh". (penguin shoots his own person named Henchman, with a umbrella) No it's a lot!! ( Penguin kicks his Henchman"s Dead body in the water)

Daniel S (us) wrote: Titanic is without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite movies, it's one of those movies that will always be in my heart.

Louise v (au) wrote: I really want to watch this film!! But im not to keen on the guy wid the wonky nose!! :S

Marnie Z (ca) wrote: I didn't like anything about this entire movie.