The Last Lear

The Last Lear

The film starts with the veteran thespian Harish Mishra, he is gravely ill. The punishments of a film shoot have left the old man in a coma. His co-star, Shabnam, is wracked with worry, but their director, Siddharth, keeps strangely distant and refuses to visit his ailing star. In flashbacks, their story emerges.

An aging Shakespearean actor takes on one of the bard's most challenging roles. Based on Utpal Dutt's play "Aajker Shahjahan". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (ca) wrote: This film is a little convoluted and hard to follow considering there are groups from South Korea, North Korea, Germany, US, Isreal, and arabs and maybe 12 more... I can't remember and lost count.I'm sure it will work better upon a second watch but trying to follow who was who and what was going on made for some serious confusion.Luckily, things eventually get straightened out and the viewer doesn't have to try and figure things out anymore and can just sit back and watch some good action sequences.The leads are quite solid once you've determined who they are. But it's odd... despite me coming out feeling like the story was kinda a mess... I want to see it again.

Paul M (ca) wrote: what a horribly joke this movie was. I loved the premise - 10 people trapped inside a doomsday bunker during an apocalypse. how do choose who the 10 should be is an intriguing question. they ruin it by flopping from classroom (reality) to fantasy (which should be the movie!) back and forth. in the end a teeny bopper movie with little worth.

Dinesh P (mx) wrote: A different setting for romantic comedy and it works. A british government fisheries officer is put on to an absurd situation by the publicity seeking pm's press relation officer of breeding Salmon in Yemen for a Sheikh on request by consultant ( Emily Blunt). What forms the later part of the story is very uncanny romance and friendship between Sheikh and Fisheries expert. ( Ewan Mcgreror). A sweet and quirky film. But A must watch.

Kathleen C (gb) wrote: One of our family classics. For a champagne comedy it has a surprising amount of layers. The performances are fantastic, and everything happens under the shadow of WW2 starting just the next day. It really has the feel of dancing on the Titanic with the bright-eyed people enjoying their pleasures as the darkness comes closer. we've seen it several times and still catch telling details that add to the narrative. Full stars. Great film.

Tina B (ru) wrote: Anything with Channing in it is just plain AWESOME!!!

Russ B (us) wrote: 9/2/2012: A nice movie.

Daniel S (de) wrote: Im a Neil Jordan fan, the crying game is one of my all time favorite films, so I was looking forward to seeing this, especially given its cast and the horror genre, sadly this is a failure, ill admit there are some creepy scenes and some good ideas, but the script is awful, tons of things that happen lack logic and arent even explained sometimes, bening is so over the top its bad, sad to see her act like this, stephen rea is cool at least, overall a huge disappointment

Alida Rossani H (jp) wrote: Este nio no solo es genio sino sabio. La sensibilidad, el apreciar lo bello

Tay W (ca) wrote: good movie , love the cast .

Marko B (nl) wrote: Henkilhahmot ovat kliseisi ja rsyttvi. Juoni on kliseinen. Omaperisyys on tipotiessn, kerrassaan kehno giallo.

Greg W (us) wrote: good Republic studios melodrama