The Last Man

The Last Man

Based on a novel by Mary Shelley

The first contemporary adaptation of Mary Shelley's 1826 novel about a twenty-first century pandemic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Last Man torrent reviews

Lance C (ag) wrote: The reason stories are written.

Melinda L (ag) wrote: Awesome movie!! But so sad!

David S (de) wrote: I do like Poliokoff's work. He seems to bring an unusual slant to everyday life and his characters are always slightly off-kilter. This is another fine example of film-making and although it's not up to the standards of 'Close My Eyes', 'Friends and Crocodiles' and 'Capturing Mary' it is still a gripping thriller with a sense of dread pervading the whole thing. Garai is brilliant in the lead but the whole cast also excell and if it wasn't for a weak ending that kind of undermines the whole point of the story this would be up there with his best work.

Dany L (es) wrote: Interesting doc. Thought it was clear that there was no way she could have painted those paintings. Looked like the dad was in on it alone.

Steve F (es) wrote: Art inspired by the direct experience of Holocaust survivors...many of them done at that time. Haunting.

Lee M (ru) wrote: As an evocation of English working-class life half a century ago, it feels utterly authentic, and is ennobled -- not too strong a word, I think -- by Imelda Staunton's performance in the title role.

Cristian O (ru) wrote: Ang Lee don't have idea how to use to Hulk, Introducing stupid scenes noting plants and trees.

nebechi n (de) wrote: i think every one should watch this movie

Sean H (us) wrote: In this movie I gave this movie a 5 star just because Adam sander is just so funny in the whole movie .

Jussi M (ca) wrote: Tekotaiteellinen kakkapkle!

Renee L (ru) wrote: Um, let's see, sex in a flimsy French graveyard, a goth-y manic pixie dream girl, clowns in full makeup visiting graves, spontaneous ballet dancing and mood swings, especially the one where the protagonist becomes enamored with death. It all has something to do with a black rose supposedly made of iron. So art house, so French, so 70's, so silly.

Tommaso C (es) wrote: Non svegliare il can che dorme.Queste storie di redenzione di nerd mi toccano tanto, sono un sentimentalone.Anche se, a dirla tutta, non credo che questa sia proprio una redenzione al 100%. Forse lo nell'ottica americana del termine.Comunque, applausi per l'occhialuto Dustin Hoffmane per la caratterizzazione del gruppo di zotici che ok, non saranno un granch presi singolarmente, ma come branco funzionano splendidamente.

Iona C (es) wrote: Ahh, I just adore the Carry On series - this is one of the classic ones! Laugh and laugh and laugh!

Mark K (br) wrote: come on!!!!!!!!!!! this is a very fun movie

Tristan P (it) wrote: Creepy and effective modern day vampire flick benefits greatly from Robert Quarry's excellent performance (he's on par with Lugosi and Lee... yes, he's THAT good).

Joe F (au) wrote: Forman as director displays all of the panache that he showcased in Amadeus, but he is not helped by pale acting (Colin Firth, Meg Tilly, Fairuza Balk) and a weak, trivial, boring screenplay.Though less explicit than the competing film, Dangerous Liaisons, it lacks the fire and sheer deviltry that production. Annette Bening is the sole redeeming factor here, though even her character was under-developed. If you're a fan of the book, don't waste your time; if you prefer something a little less explicit than the other version, you will probably be satisfied.