The Last Metro

The Last Metro

In occupied Paris, an actress married to a Jewish theater owner must keep him hidden from the Nazis while doing both of their jobs.

In occupied Paris, an actress married to a Jewish theater owner must keep him hidden from the Nazis while doing both of their jobs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spore H (br) wrote: 2 Days later and im still pondering the up/down gravity, good/ok movie with a fantastical must see premise.

Davidetal J (au) wrote: A superb achievement; an hypnotic evocation of modern Australia as we were in the 1970s...and remain today. Seventeen vignettes woven together to shape a profound portrait of Tim Wintons vision of his youth. Bravo Bob Connelly et al; and thank you.

Quadir B (kr) wrote: Ffffffff ATVs exhaust exec Riyadh nook

Jimmy C (es) wrote: This has to be one of the dullest movies I have ever seen. Who the heck are the critics who like this? Both the main characters are devoid of personality, interesting lives, or interesting things to say, and, well, the woman is just plain irritating. That there are a few paintings in the background does not elevate the movie. As another reviewer said, going to your own local museum would be worlds more fascinating than this piece of depressing drivel.

Stephen P (kr) wrote: A movie revolving around the 2nd shittiest president America has ever had? Yeah... Fuck that.

Adrian N (fr) wrote: Yes, I am aware that it is Christian-themed, and that the story is probably something we have seen hundreds of times before. However, To Save a Life should be applauded for not getting too preachy to getting its message across while also portraying the ugliness of reality to make its message more realistic, something Sherwood Pictures should take note of. 6.0/10

Andrew U (kr) wrote: Boasting a unique premise, Pontypool is a brilliantly acted and completely psychological zombie thriller.

Leo L (mx) wrote: Highly captivating! Avantika first meets Ehsaan while trying to hail a cab on a Delhi street. Later, they are formally introduced at work where they are both university professors. Ehsaan is determined to woo, and pursue, her at every venture but she remains reluctant. At the insistence of her friend/co-worker, she decides to let her guard down, and take up his offer of chatting over a cup of coffee. Their bond forms, and a relationship ensues. After getting the blessing of her father, the two marry and decide to leave to the U.S. where Avantika will resume her teaching duties. After settling into their new home and married life, Avantika and Ehsaan meet their new neighbors. Avantika meets a defiant Salma amidst a group of housewives that are devoted to staying at home, and abiding the wishes of their husbands. Her brief conversation with Salma enables her to discover the truth about her neighbors, and her husband. With the help of Riyaaz, she must stop this small group from trying to create a similar reaction, and fate, from that of 9/11. Great song- Shukran Allah. Directed by Renzil D'Silva, and produced by Karan & Hiroo Yash Johar. Great cast- Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Om Puri, Vivek Oberoi, Kirron Kher, and Diya Mirza. Worthy!

Anna S (au) wrote: en bra film nr man kan lite om hur det r i rallyvrden hos veteraner. jag njt och skrattade mycket nr jag sg filmen:-)

Mats L (fr) wrote: I'm not a great fan of standard action films, but this makes the Americans the bad guys. That makes it interesting. Not because Americans are bad people, but because the film does something unexpected.

Pavel R (nl) wrote: another trash with "Dolphie" ...

Sam M (au) wrote: I know I may be one of the few to say this but I think spike lee's 1999 film "summer of sam" is an outstanding movie. The acting is blistering and in my opinion good enough where I could be convinced it was a documentary. I think the reason everyone dissed this film is it wasn't your typical action packed serial killer tale. "Summer of sam" is a slow paced character study and won't appeal to people with a short attention span. The 70s soundtrack was fabulous and very accurate for its time period. So in my opinion better than spike lee's critically acclaimed 1989 film "do the right thing" and is my personal favorite spike lee film and one of my favorite films a 5/5 for me

mohamad h (nl) wrote: Crazy Director, Crazy Music, Crazy Movie

Trenton R (us) wrote: Wither its subject matter directly talks to you Waiting for Guffman is downright hilarious all the way through.

Kayla H (it) wrote: Sad movie but incrediably amazing. It's a must see.

Stefano L (it) wrote: A lot of action, both in the air and on earth, but of bad quality. Not even the enjoyment of discovering the criminals.

Evan W (jp) wrote: This film is genuinely the funniest thing I've seen in a long time (unintentionally of course)

Blake P (ag) wrote: People who love movies must see "La Nuit Amricaine". Let's face it-- most film buffs analyze what they're watching when it comes to anything that has to do with the French New Wave. While this film may have premiered a bit after the legendary period, it's still Franois Truffaut, with aspects that you can't see in American films. Would it be the same if it wasn't French? I don't think so. This is artistic and meticulous filmmaking, and is successful in every direction it takes. The whole premise of the film can be put simply-- it's a movie about making a movie. The film in progress is called "Meet Pamela", and right off the bat you can tell it's an overblown melodrama, and if that's not it, it's a star vehicle for the woman who plays Pamela, Julie Baker (Jacqueline Bisset). Julie is a big star, but has just suffered a nervous breakdown, so her reputation to the outside world is a big shaky. Once she starts filming though, her work ethic gets back to normal quickly. Everyone originally expects her to be the biggest problem during the shoot, but it goes the other way around. At first look, the source of conflict is Sverine (Valentina Cortese), an aging icon that is still a good actress but has turned to the bottle as a source of pain relief. She forgets her lines just as soon as she remembers them, and her emotions are constantly in a tizzy. Meanwhile, Julie's immature co-star Alphonse (Jean-Pierre Laud) annoys everybody with his relationship issues with the obviously selfish Liliane (Dani); and the male lead, Alexandre (Jean-Pierre Aumont) is well-respected by everyone but worries about the arrival of his girlfriend constantly. At the helm of "Meet Pamela" is director Ferrand (well-played by Truffaut), and everyones problems seem to be solved by his quick-witted assistant, Joelle (Nathalie Baye, a legend in one of her earliest film roles). When most of us watch a movie, it's easy to just sit there and enjoy a scene, thinking about what's happening in the plot, which actor or actress we like, etc. "La Nuit Amricaine" makes digs deeper when it comes to the filmmaking process. As we see scenes being shot multiple times, instantly there's a click that answers all of our complaints. There are always movies that you wonder-- how did it go so wrong? Suddenly, if you've ever seen a film that's convoluted, slow-moving, or dumb, you know why. Whether or not we get a peek at what it's like to write a script, edit everything quickly, whatever, "La Nuit Amricaine", is thought-provoking. But "Le Nuit Amricane" isn'there to romanticize what it's like to make a movie. There isn't flashy soap opera, dramatic affairs or breakdowns that feel like an attempt to win an Oscar. It's gives us what feels to be an inside look that feels completely true, and if tragedy does happen, itdoesn'tfeel out of place or manipulative. And While Jean-Luc Godard and Truffaut are always the big kahunas oftheFrench New Wave, I've always preferred the former. Godard has always been able to paint a pretty picture on the screen, but never with a lot of substance. Truffaut has always been able to do whatever Godard can, while still managing to write a good story and pull out terrific performances from his actors. "Jules et Jim" may always be his calling card, but "La Nuit Amricaine" shows another side that's even more appealing. As for the actors, Cortese steals the show, as what appears to be a less-crazy but more alcohol dependent Norma Desmond. She adores her past career, and it's increasingly hard to recapture the way she felt when making movies in her 20s. Cortese reminds one of Rita Hayworth in her late career, a raging, talented beauty in herhey day but a forgetful boozer in the later years. It's sad to see on screen, but Cortese is downright brilliant. Jacqueline Bisset, meanwhile, is an actress of extraordinary beauty and talent, yet today she doesn't seem to be as well remembered as other sex symbols of the era, such as Brigitte Bardot or Claudia Cardinale. It shouldn't be this way-- Bisset always manages to have a cool persona that looks as though she'd rather be smoking, all the while being easily likable, witty, and pretty to look at. This film features what most likely is her best performance. She speaks French like aprofessional, remains sympathetic, and draws our attention from the moment she enters a scene. Every aspect of "La Nuit Amricaine" is simply lovely. It's at once entertaining, funny, insightful, and interesting. Put simply, it's everything a movie should be in the first place. The fact that it's a movie about making a movie puts the irony in a perfect spot.

James B (it) wrote: There's nothing incredible about this movie, nor was there anything petrified in the cave the explorers were trapped in. Everything happened just as the formula dictated, and still this was a horribly dull B-film. The best part was a movie reel shown in the beginning that ended up having nothing to do with the rest of the plot.