The Last Revenge

The Last Revenge


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Hehhehe H (de) wrote: Would Give -1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000099999900000000000099900000900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 But The Stars Don't Go That Low But In Words JUSTIN BEIBER SUCKS AND ANYTHING AFFILIATED WITH HIM SUCKS TO ,I HATE HIM!!!!... besides that the rest was ok

Al M (ca) wrote: I enjoyed The Mooring's anti-cell-phone and anti-technology addiction angle, but it unfortunately was just too derivative of every other crazy-people-torture-us-for-no-reason film (Them, The Strangers, Eden Lake, etc.) to be really good. Still, it was a fairly enjoyable little horror film...

Jason S (ca) wrote: it was an ok biopic on linda lovelace

khadidje l (ru) wrote: best movie on over the world

Monika K (mx) wrote: I knew that Istanbul has such diversity of people, culture and music! But this movie is just beyond anything what you can imagine about that city! And I bet there is more! I am so in love with sound of this film! Cannot wait to hear all these notes this summer!

Caroline G (es) wrote: filme desvirginatrio. me fez amar karim e noel.

Christos V (es) wrote: Four stars just because Claudia Black is in this.

Scott A (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this film, but most people hate it. I guess I just loved seeing how three generations of women living together all dealt with a man ruining theirs lives basically, more so the wife and daughter. The daughter can be a tad annoying at times, and it can take a long time to get to the ending we all know is coming, but Bullock is fantastic.

Oliver N (fr) wrote: While it does fall back on many genre clichs - most which were created by the long-running franchise - Octopussy is above all else entertaining; and with the cheeky smirk and one-liners which Moore is so adept at after five previous films, all thought of clich is totally gone within the first few minutes.Verdict: B

Simon M (ca) wrote: For the love of god, somebody get Elliott Gould some Valium!

Ann C (ag) wrote: Steve McQueen as Papillon is sent to the French Guyana prison camp on Devil's Island for murder. On the road he makes friends Louis Dega, a counterfeiter, and their friendship lasts quite a long time, this proves that this is the only thing that makes 2 men to hang on to as the long years of captivity.McQueen and Hoffman are excellent, director Franklin J. Schaffner creates an great atmosphere in the prison as well as in the jungle.

Ilsa W (us) wrote: A war time classic showing the might of the British navy versus the deadly German pocket battleship Graf Spee. An unusual section in the film shows the Graf Spee docked in neutral Montevideo after the battle. The bars, clubs & neon are light years away from the harshness of the sea battle. A gripping & moving ending, as with the British navy waiting outside port for her, the Graf Spee is scuttled by her captain to prevent any loss of his crew in the pending battle. Covers the story from both sides and portrays Captain Langdorf of the Graf Spee as a true gentleman of the waves.

James K (ag) wrote: Walt Disney thrived on bringing memorable stories that would, in turn, become easily recognizable among the general public. By turning interesting ideas and concepts into a profit, Walt and his team of animators delivered some of the greatest animated movies ever made. And 1941's "Dumbo" is a prime example of not only delivering , solid animation, but great storytelling in the process. When watching the movie, one gets a sense of wonder at what creativity went into making this film a reality. Even after 75 years, this movie still holds up very well. Anything can happen, and that's the charm of this movie: it is not bound by studio executives, but rather creative control to let go and do whatever they want. "Dumbo" is a fantastic treat for anyone that can enjoy the modesty of why Walt Disney and his team made such a creative feature.The story has a mother elephant receiving newborn son unto the world, as she and several other animals are working for the circus. Unfortunately, her son has a major problem: his ears are huge! Yet, motherly instincts prevail and she and her son, named Dumbo, continue putting on a show for the circus. However, an incident involving Dumbo lands his mother in solitary confinement, and now he resorts to a mouse named Timothy for a friend. And sooner or later, Dumbo will find out that those big ears of his may lead to something that is very important later on."Dumbo" is simply a masterpiece, there is no question about it. In fact, where does one begin describing the praise for this movie? Well, for one thing, the whole production feels very simple, and because of this, it feels very relatable. The design of the movie feels more like a cartoon, than any other Disney movie both prior and after this film. The characters are noticeable as they have a very cartoonish quality to them, but also displaying a lot of emotion with what they are given. On top of this, each animated sequence is creative in their own right; the most notable example being the Pink Elephants sequence near the end of the film, where anything goes.Combining the above with a simplistic story, that's very easy to follow, "Dumbo" offers up a tale that pretty much anyone can know, and catch on to. It is a tale of an outcast trying to fit into society, despite an having an abnormality that he has. There are even some quiet moments that let the audience take in the emotional aspect of the film. From making you laugh with the crows, to crying along with the mother, this film more than delivers the impact it gives emotionally. And the entire production only lasts an hour!What can I say about "Dumbo" that hasn't already been talked about? It's a perfect movie. I definitely recommend it for anyone and to everyone by saying that they should at least see it once in their lifetime. You won't regret it.

Jason B (it) wrote: this show... every time it's on I got to watch it again.... great acting great story line great plot and great outcome. great murder mystery.....

Jamie E (us) wrote: I thought this was a great movie. Definitely add this to your watch list. Ignore the critics with all of their usual drivel and babble.