The Last Sacrifice

The Last Sacrifice

Two high school students named Silas and Babs wake up from a party they attended the night before only to find out that the party happened five years ago and every student who attended ...

Two high school students named Silas and Babs wake up from a party they attended the night before only to find out that the party happened five years ago and every student who attended ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Monjit B (jp) wrote: such a ridiculously bad movie!!

lk S (mx) wrote: Gecen bir arkadasima izletirken yine adama hasta oldum. Super karakter! :) izlemekten en keyif aldigim filmlerden biri...fransiz komediyi kiviriyor arkadasim.

Randi C (fr) wrote: This movie was awsome. Tamara is one hardcore witch.

Jack P (au) wrote: Slackers is a poor example of a college comedy. Pathetic storyline and lack of comedy made this quite a dull film indeed. Nice seeing an early role from Jason Segel but that wasn't enough to keep the film flowing and be interesting.

Hannah M (ag) wrote: Man, this movie was hard to stay focused on. While usually I like movies that blur the line between fantasy and reality, this one just didn't work for me at all, mostly because the non-fantasy part was so uninteresting. The first 5 minutes were fascinating, and then it turned into a much less interesting, much more dramatic relationship movie. But even then, the relationships weren't interesting to watch, and then the movie would suddenly break for the story within the story, which was fascinating, and then it would go back to the real story and I'd sigh and wait patiently until the next break. Not nearly as interesting as I was hoping.

James H (de) wrote: Fascinating documentary on Ed Wood, and it cleverly uses Ed Wood's own film footage to tell the story. Interesting interviews with people that knew him. Very insightful. Well narrayed. A very well done documentary.

Kevin N (au) wrote: That Matt Damon is a real prick eh?

sam h (ru) wrote: i only have this cos it nerly says HANSON family movies

Calum B (ag) wrote: This is the Carry On film which took longest to make back its money. It's not difficult to see why as it is so disparaging towards the unions and the typical Carry On fan in the early 70s was working class. If you are going to insult your target audience then don't be surprised to find they don't go to see your film. Having said that the basic storyline has plenty of opportunities for Talbot Rothwell's seaside postcard humour especially as they go on a works outing to Brighton. One of the Carry On films' best points is the way they added those little details so you get a toilet manufacturer called WC Boggs, the foreman's name sounds like plumber, his daughter's name is Myrtle which is a plant that grows in bogs. If I could only buy a budgie like Sid Plummer's I'd be laughing even more.

RA L (de) wrote: WEB-LETTERBOX. Hay una consumada mezcla de denuncia, humanismo y poesa en todo el asunto, pero tambin existe una tendencia a subrayar lo obvio. / There is an accomplished mixture of denunciation, humanism and poetry in all this, but there is also a tendency to overstress the obvious.

Orlok W (ru) wrote: At the center of a whirlwind!!

Stephanie R (ru) wrote: STUUUUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas L (us) wrote: The most important element of a musical is of course the songs and music. At most, Carousul offers only one memorable song. (You'll never walk alone). It is obvious that the lyrics were written first and the melody was filled in later. Hence the other songs are bland and feel like catching up rather than musical scores. Disappointed.

Miguel ngel N (de) wrote: "Happiness is only real, when SHARED"

Keith B (us) wrote: Lowest budget musical ever...

Don S (br) wrote: As it is based on Navajo legend, I was hoping for a much deeper exploration of the topic and the inclusion of Native Americans in the story. I got one Native American in a supporting role and a mere skimming of the legend. The werewolf effects are amongst the worst I've seen in any movie, and I watch a fair amount of low budget movies. Aside from the eminently gorgeous and talented Rhona Mitra, there is not much worth noting here. Rated higher than it should be because of her presence.

Matt G (kr) wrote: Anchors Aweigh keeps its two titans in their respective lanes nicely ("Kelly: dance and be charming! Sinatra: sing and be cool!...and, action!"), and it's hard not to be entertained by them. However, this is nowhere near either of their best work. An unbearably long film about sailors falling in love with the "wrong" girls, it has very little actual meat on its bones. Other than a couple of high points (Tom & Jerry cartoon, the funnier songs), this is a mostly unremarkable musical comedy.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Very solid WWII old school action movie.