The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai

Nathan Algren is an American hired to instruct the Japanese army in the ways of modern warfare, which finds him learning to respect the samurai and the honorable principles that rule them. Pressed to destroy the samurai's way of life in the name of modernization and open trade, Algren decides to become an ultimate warrior himself and to fight for their right to exist.

Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is an American military officer hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country's first army in the art of modern warfare. But Nathan embraces the Samurai culture he was hired to destroy after he is captured in battle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erik H (es) wrote: shallow, but thoroughly poignant. i don't really know that the narrative needs to be anymore complex than it is. i felt stuff and i was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

Frank M (us) wrote: Nate and I saw this on a journey...and we saw some pretty poor ones, but on this one I was speechless. When Lennox Lewis gives the best effort in the movie, then you worry. Please send me a word to discribe this film..I can't.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: This film makes absolutely no sense and is dull.I don't know what they are trying to do with this, it's filmed in a semi documentary style, but there is no reason to make a documentary about such disparate characters so that doesn't work.And did I mention dull...

Charles P (fr) wrote: No way I had the patience to iron like these legionnaires. And the way that guy made his bed! What precision. I need more discipline in my life so I can cook, iron, and fold clothes so perhaps I should join the French Foreign Legion to become a better man at these things.

Joe K (kr) wrote: watching a show about the moon made me remember this flick. Stars chekov form the Original Star Trek! Have not seen this in Years. Hope it is on DVD!

Jamie C (jp) wrote: A fun fresh film that has some funny moments but tends to drag in the middle and lose its momentum, Like all animations these days it's predictable but fun, Nothing more nothing less.

Peter P (ca) wrote: How I Live Now is an interesting look at what happens to a group of young people who are left to fend for themselves once World War 3 breaks out. The main character is a self obsessed girl visiting from America, who has to grow up in a hurry once her and her cousins are rounded up and separated by the army. The cousins all vow to make their way back to their house no matter where they are taken. This story is fairly well made, with equal time spent developing characters and allowing the story to unfold. The acting is good for the most part, with Saoirse Ronan doing a terrific job in the main role. Although it sometimes seems a little too unbelievable in parts, overall this post apocalyptic film strives for a smaller more intimate portrayal of the aftermath, and does a decent job accomplishing just that. 3 Beards Out Of 5

Luis M (fr) wrote: La mejor actuacion q e visto de Tom Hardy.

Joetaeb D (us) wrote: Action... This movie is nothing more than action wall to wall action with no substance. It's there to lighten up your eyes, but it leaves your brain in little time.