The Last Sect

The Last Sect

A seductively lethal vampire sect leader has been battling famed vampire hunter Van Helsing's descendent for decades. But now she and her bloodthirsty followers face extinction unless they can find a willing victim who will ensure their future survival. It's up to Van Helsing to stop the blood from flowing in this thrilling, action-packed duel to the death!

A vampire hunter tracks female bloodsuckers who use an Internet dating site to lure men and women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Last Sect torrent reviews

Anakin S (fr) wrote: C'est vraiment un film de zombies cela ????

Khaled H (es) wrote: sweet & warm, it was a cold night when i saw it and i felt it was a warm treat

Ruth D (gb) wrote: this film is amazing

Justin B (ca) wrote: Cheesy, campy military sci-fi. The dialogue and acting are even sub-B Movie! But hey, what else are struggling actors going to do with army surplus and abandoned industrial complexes?

Nick F (au) wrote: I live by Richmond now

Private U (au) wrote: It was a promising story at the beginning, then came the screenplay to ruin everything with many silly and fabricated scenes. Mohamed Majd's figure was perfect and matching to the story, but even this couldn't save the film. Amina Alaoui's voice in the last song was very sensitive .

John H (gb) wrote: This film is promoting a malignant lie: the 1890's, on balance, were a far LESS moral time than the present. The end of the nineteenth century was an era defined by great moral evils: institutionalized racism enforced by routine lynching, laws that made women second-class citizens and little more than property to their husbands, the nearly-completed ethnic cleansing of Native American populations, vicious oppression of anyone whose sexual identity varied in any way from the heterosexual, monogamous norm, widespread religious bigotry, and horrendously cruel and dangerous working conditions in mills and factories, especially for the young children who made up a significant part of the industrial workforce.Furthermore, the majority of those evils were actively supported by most churches. Some of these evils, the modern Christian Right likes to pretend didn't exist, or at least that their own intellectual forbears weren't the leading perpetrators and apologists; the rest, they're still trying to resuscitate or perpetuate, in part through vile propaganda like this film. Ironically, the modern Christian Right even seeks to undo many of the laws that protect workers' rights -- the oppression of labor was the one form of institutional oppression that evangelical Christians at that time wholeheartedly opposed, with one of their greatest leaders, William Jennings Bryan, in the forefront of the struggle, but their descendants have been co-opted by the heirs of the amoral robber barons Bryan fought.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Why why why why why WHY why WhY wHy wHY Why (why) WHY *why* WHYYYY?!

Julius G (nl) wrote: This movie is horrendous, the bandit is a washed up drunk who doesn't even wear his hat anymore, and since this time the movie was actually injected with some budget, they tried their hardest to fill it to the brim with jokes and car stunts, and it doesn't work, the stunts just feel pointless and lifeless, and the jokes are forced and not funny, in fact, the only reason I didn't give this film half a star, is because the third outing needed something lower

Vijay L (gb) wrote: Definitely not one of the good adaptations of a Maclean novel. The main characters, except for the captain, are more irritating than intriguing. The plot does not get resolved very satisfactorily. The entire business with the soldiers feels like it could have been dispensed with. Too long.