The Last Sin Eater

The Last Sin Eater

In seeking her own redemption from the one man of whom she is most afraid, 10-year-old Cadi Forbes discovers a secret sin haunting her community of Welsh immigrants in 1850s Appalachia.

In seeking her own redemption from the man of whom she is most afraid, ten-year-old Cadi Forbes discovers a secret sin haunting her community of Welsh immigrants in 1850s Appalachia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adiel G (jp) wrote: Good script and great perfomance from Alia saved this movie from Arjun's severe lack of emotional range.

Yash B (br) wrote: DiCaprio delivers a great performance but the film is a drag. The pacing is all over the place and it just feels long and boring. I think the source material is interesting but I can see it better as a documentary or something like that. As a movie it just isn't very entertaining but it has impressive performances.

Tom H (jp) wrote: simple, boring and forgettable.

Anita T (br) wrote: Spectacularly bad acting.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: This movie was just bad, bad, bad. The guy is just in the car for way too long. This movie is not like Phone Booth, where you actually had enough material to keep the guy inside the booth for 80 minutes. This movie just has nothing. Crappy acting, crappy plot, crappy directing.

Bill L (ca) wrote: The acting was great! The story was good but nowhere near enough to justify an hour and forty minutes. Anthony Hopkins and Anton Yelchin really saved this one.

Michael S (es) wrote: This is a real rid of a movie. about nuns

Zaar D (jp) wrote: um no, not interested

Harry W (ag) wrote: A heavily dramatised montage of the moments that went on to make cinematic history and one of the greatest films of our time - Psycho - Hitchcock is definitely more interesting than entertaining. Whilst it hang glides with fantastic performances (no suprise) from Mirren and Hopkins who seem to enjoy doing their very best at recreating Mr and Mrs Silver Screen for the short biopic. Scarlett Johansson also gives a very good performance as Janet Leigh. It resonates Aranofsky at times as Hitchcock seems sure to decline devastatingly into madness at times and the parallel between the director and infamous serial killer Ed Gein is terrifying at times and very surprising. One of the highlights of the film are the resemblances in casting, particularly in Hopkins and D'Arcy who plays the titular villain Norman Bates and the original actor who played him, Anthony Perkins. Definitely recommend this if you are a fan of Hitchcock, but more so if you are a fan of Psycho.

Russ M (de) wrote: Saw this originally in theaters was fun to see again on tv. Well done storylines and character development. Cool special effects not overly done, just enough where it's needed.

Ian C (de) wrote: Ok I havent read the book, so my comments are based on the film alone. Came across as a rather sexist portrayal of women, Bergman's character constantly swooning at the lead to the point of annoyance. Also present is the patronizing White Man saves the natives/locals theme. Far too draggy as well, but the few action sequences are impressive for the period. Typical Hemingway novel/setting I suppose.