The Last Stop

The Last Stop

A group of quircky, snow bound, strangers discover there are killers amongst them.

A group of quirky, snowbound strangers discover there are killers amongst them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark P (jp) wrote: Middling laughs, but it's heart is in the right place.

Mark C (mx) wrote: Great movie. Very intense! Have to have a strong stomach for some parts.

Russell G (fr) wrote: In Bride of Chucky, the series became self-aware and began making satirical jokes while carving up bodies in a playful way. It gave a new wind to a stale franchise. This movie goes too far down the comedy well for its own good. The result is a disastrous movie that feels like a B grade horror movie rather than the fifth movie in an established and well-liked series. The movie revolves around a timid but good-natured doll brought to life looking for his parents and his origins. He finds out that his parents are none other than Chucky and Tiffany. He finds them in hopes of a happy reunion but is horrified to see they are serial killers who relish murder. Under their pressure of their child who has no determined sex, they agree to be a family and stop killing. Chucky argues that they have a son named Glen while Tiffany insists that they have a daughter named Glenda. Naturally, Chucky and Tiffany target human hosts to transfer their soul into, as they always do. Tiffany targets the actress Jennifer Tilly playing herself. This is the same actress doing the voice work for Tiffany. It is laying the satire on thick with this. Neither of the parents can kick their murderous habits, and the usual carnage ensues. This series is no longer scary at all; it is entirely campy laughs and self-referential jokes. It is not funny enough to bother with, and the Doll characters are not fun anymore. This series disintegrated from suspenseful horror, to bad horror, to self-aware parody, and finally to a big sloppy joke. This should mark the end of this series. I rarely say this, but it is time for a reboot that brings the darkness and seriousness of the story back.

Ashish T (fr) wrote: Pretty good. It's a slow, quiet movie with some kickass music, and even if you completely ignore a largely superfluous backstory, it's a nice look at endings, last hurrahs, and great stories in small places.

Simon D (es) wrote: very well made biopic of a famous cellist and her relationship with her flautist sister. The film is shown in three parts, their childhood together and then adulthood from the perspective of each sister. Emily Watson is a great actress and here is proof. Interesting and quite a sad story.

Matt R (au) wrote: A very cheesey 80's horror-comedy.

Thomas K (br) wrote: Unjustly ignored. It's something you'll always remember.

Bradley D (mx) wrote: Hepburn and Grant are just perfect!

JT K (jp) wrote: Enjoyable creature-feature comedy with a distinct Tremors vibe...if it took place at a Guinness brewery.