The Last Summer

The Last Summer

Four good friends, all seventeen-year old, lose their innocence during their last summer together. Flanders 1996. Rik, Tim, Roel and Bart aimlessly wile away the summer days in a small village where nothing exciting ever happens. When Rik becomes fascinated by the mysterious Sandrine, the boy's friendship comes under increasing pressure. Their reckless behaviour lands the boys in a web of intrigue, which they have a hard time escaping from.

Four good friends, all seventeen-year old, lose their innocence during their last summer together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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i C (de) wrote: 4/10Kinda boring, couple of nice landscape pictures but most of the time pretty low

Germana V (es) wrote: Asterix + Monty Python + Girls

Javan W (ag) wrote: One of the worst things I have ever seen. I need to speak to my psychiatrist.

Werner S (de) wrote: Truly for the heart.

Kevin K (mx) wrote: visually stunning... way over the top... still hood.

Gary G (ag) wrote: Bleak, hopeless and depressing...Great film!

Ranel V (us) wrote: Very depressing. A rare film (an animated one, mind you) that seeps out such overwhelming sadness--shadows of black over a canvass of beautiful but war-torn childhood innocence. Getting teary-eyed on this won't be surprising.

Paul S (us) wrote: Very silly but funny at the same time. Too much martial arts in it. Sound effects were ridiculous. Amusing for one watch but not a classic

Chris P (fr) wrote: A tender nun-exploitation film about a hottie asian lass who enters a convent to discover the truth about her mother's death. Amidst the whips, bare chests, and thorns exists an actual plot! Just wait till you see how our heroin lass was actually born. Here's a hint...includes a dead hanging nun, some rope, and a nice soft concrete floor. SOTHB is savage, but very beautiful at the same, really!

Carlos M (it) wrote: An apparently simple yet notably complex film that uses a subtle approach to explore a gamut of humanistic themes, and Renoir avoids any sort of sentimentality, which can also be seen in the elegant way that his camera seems to float, unaffected, among the characters.

Tina M (ru) wrote: Pretty good but very stagy (I felt). Did anyone else noticed that the story was almost EXACTLY the same as Tess of the D'Urbervilles? Even down to the "no one will baptize my baby so I'll do it myself before he dies" thing. Did the gal who wrote the play copy much?

Aoife M (de) wrote: five star amazing ~!!!

T S (nl) wrote: jeez another global warming hoax.Spare me.These radicals don't give up