The Last Summer of La Boyita

The Last Summer of La Boyita

Young Jorgelina feels estranged from her boy-crazy older sister, who has entered adolescence and doesn't want to hang around with little kids anymore. Finding refuge in their Boyita camper-van, Jorgelina travels with her father to the countryside, where her lifelong playmate Mario is undergoing some unexpected changes of his own.

Young Jorgelina feels estranged from her boy-crazy older sister, who has entered adolescence and doesn't want to hang around with little kids anymore. Finding refuge in their Boyita ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Annie C (nl) wrote: Great movie. Lots of research done!

Byron B (jp) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the golden globes

Amy H (br) wrote: The story isn't too bad, but it's more of a sci-fi movie, so not really exciting somehow.

Alex F (br) wrote: Indispensable for any music fan. One of the best music documentaries I've seen.

Jeffrey C (mx) wrote: Hilarious and brilliant Singapore styled musical. Even Taiwanese like me can enjoy those songs in the film..

Kevin P (fr) wrote: Interesting look at the history of video games and a bunch of pathetically lovable losers.

Barry T (jp) wrote: Not my cup of tea, quite a tough slog.

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Drew B (nl) wrote: A goofy, charming, and predictable rom-com.

Sebastian H (br) wrote: so bad, it's good? not really. only a few decent moments cannot fix a horrible trash film

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Dortha R (ru) wrote: love it i got 1 and 2

Carlos I (es) wrote: Tragic story of a rather introverted woman who doesn't know quite how to raise her troubled child, then has to live in the aftermath of the horror he leaves behind. Excellently performed by all the leads.

Lee R (us) wrote: Up there with Hotshots Part Deux as one of the greatest ever war films