The Last Temptation of Christ

The Last Temptation of Christ

Jesus, a humble Judean carpenter beginning to see that he is the son of God, is drawn into revolutionary action against the Roman occupiers by Judas -- despite his protestations that love, not violence, is the path to salvation. The burden of being the savior of mankind torments Jesus throughout his life, leading him to doubt. As he is put to death on the cross, Jesus is tempted by visions of an ordinary life married to Mary Magdalene.

The film starring Willem Dafoe, Harvey Keitel, Barbara Hershey is directed by Martin Scorsese. It is based on the novel telling the life of Jesus Christ. The process of fighting to save the human especially resisting temptation on the cross. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Avirup S (it) wrote: Masterpiece...A must watch movie from India!!

David H (es) wrote: A charming film with a heavy story about a man trying to do good in a not so good time.

Kris W (it) wrote: More a character study than plot driven. Great sountrack

Natalie G (kr) wrote: surprisingly entertaining

Caleb C (it) wrote: great film . not one to be missed.

m shoo in full effect (mx) wrote: if you like low, rated dumb sense of humor comedy flick, then this I recommend:)


Edith N (gb) wrote: The low budget of this film, about the search for a Taiwanese immigrant in San Francisco, is pretty apparent if you know what you're looking for. I mean, the black & white is clearly a stylistic choice; it's 1982, after all, and there's no substantial cost difference. However, an experienced eye can detect the lower-quality film stock--and of course, there's nothing in this movie that would [i]require[/i] a higher budget. As Jo explores deeper in his search for Chan Hung, who owes him (and his partner Steve) $4000, he learns that the man he seeks is many men, few of whom have any place in the US. Jo and Steve were born in the US; Chan was not. Mrs. Chan wants her husband to be rich, and he is not. Every perspective of Chan gives us a view of a different man, but none can be found. We never do find out where Chan Hung has gone. We don't even find out why, though there are some pretty strong suggestions. The man just vanishes, and no one even knows if he's still in the US. I take it as the story of a man who just can't take anymore; it happens. Soonish, we'll be getting to [i]Chinatown[/i]. This, however, is a story from within Chinatown, that product of early Californian racism. (Go look up Chinatown on a map sometime, then look up Chinese population statistics of the era. It's astonishing.) There are Anglos in the movie, but not as major characters. This is a look at the Chinese perspective [i]from[/i] the Chinese perspective, and it's well worth examining.

Wes S (mx) wrote: Pretty hilarious. The entire film is caveman talk, and even through that the characters are pretty interesting and funny. The dinosaurs are pretty bad stop motion creations, but it adds to the goofiness of the film. It's a great prehistoric comedy.

Richard S (es) wrote: It's like a bad sitcom, but long. Goldie tries really hard, but there's no saving this one.#dlmchallenge 25

Wes T (ca) wrote: I saw this back-to-back with There's Always Tomorrow, and I'll just say that this reminds me of everything I hate about the fifties. Period. She should've left everyone behind in the end. End of story.