The Last Tycoon

The Last Tycoon

F.Scott Fitzgerald's novel is brought to life in this story of a movie producer slowly working himself to death.

The movie explores the life and machinations of the troubled movie producer Monroe Stahr (Robert DeNiro), who is hailed as a "boy genius" during the studio system of 1930s Hollywood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer P (kr) wrote: It may feel like a "Making of" feature for "The Wind Rises" DVD, but this transcendents that with an undeniable heart and filmic beauty worthy of the studio itself.

Babak I (es) wrote: Quite good. I would recommend this to anyone who can sit through a slow movie.

frans s (gb) wrote: greatifull this movie

Marc B (fr) wrote: Lots of ideas (mostly taken from hollywood films) are combined here to make a film that for me was very average

Steve C (fr) wrote: Super fun movie! People who rated it low are missing the point! It's FUN, not all doom and gloom! Great movie if you have the right attitude.

Pavandeep S (jp) wrote: This is one bad-ass film, very easy to get lost but very titillating. The female lead is really charming and the scenes have her in a lot of beautiful scenarios. The story makes it very much like a French Tarantino, just earlier and the plot utterly complex with lots of twists and questions,

Ricardo O (it) wrote: Not nearly as great as his masterpieces (his previous film, Faces; and his followup, A Woman Under the Influence) but despite its flaws and it's length, it is a brilliant look at three married middle-aged men who are thrown into a midlife crisis when their mutual friend dies. Like Cassavetes' other films, many of the scenes are overlong but the others play out for the most part rather brilliantly. There is nothing Hollywood about any of his films from the themes to the shots to the way he uses improvisation in all of his films. It's awkward, natural, and many times, sublime. Not his best but a Cassavetes film is always better than most other films. 9/10

Liam R (nl) wrote: A fairly typical Spanish film: A nun gets molested by her uncle, who then hangs himself. Her cousin then moves in and he tries to molest her. Then she takes a bunch of homeless delinquents from the street and they try to molest each other, then her. Then, her cousin has a mnage trois of molestation with her and the housemaid.

Sausages M (us) wrote: Absolutely beautiful and beguiling film. The special effects are so simple (they had to be given when the film was made) and yet so effective despite their age. This is a great reimagining of the legend of Orpheus. Very well done.

Charlie E (ru) wrote: good movie. got to watch the second movie as it is telling you about the story before this one.

Brock J (it) wrote: I loved the directing especially in the night time scenes when the ape riots began. The scenes of complete silence other than the sounds of the apes' footsteps twoards the local force were so powerful in showing how revolution is never as beautiful and glorious as it may seem, and although sometimes necessary, often brutal.

Kim D (ru) wrote: Awesome movie - loved it --- have learned that Rotten Tomatoes will slam any christian movie no matter how good it is

bill s (de) wrote: What a horrible movie that was looked on so promisingly.

Mayank A (nl) wrote: Simplistic martial arts movie, by sticking to the action sequences and not relaying on unnecessary gimmicks, it makes for a great watch. The dignified characteristic of IP Man adds to the charms although it's oblivious that's it's a made up tale and not a biopic as the movie tries to portray.