The Last Valley

The Last Valley

People in a small German village in the last valley to remain untouched by the devastating Thirty Years' War try to exist in peace with a group of soldiers occupying the valley.

A 17th-century mercenary (Michael Caine) and his men find a German haven away from the Thirty Years' War. And their arrival spells danger for the small Alpine village left untouched during the war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (ag) wrote: Hannah Arendt, a Jewish emigre and celebrated author regarding the rise of German nationalism, is asked to write for the NewYorker magazine. Her frank account of the trial of the Nazi bureaucrat Adolph Eichmann and analysis of political 'evil' creates moral outrage that threatens her career and reputation. Fine performances and screenplay provide an excellent account of her personal life and the controversy surrounding her writings on the subject of the Holocaust.

Juan David C (fr) wrote: Uno de los directores asiticos ms originales que surgieron a finales del siglo 20 es Wong Kar Wai, quien pertenece a la segunda nueva ola de cineastas de Hong Kong. Estos directores han desarrollado un enfoque extremadamente innovador, no realista (incluso abstracto) para sus pelculas. Las producciones de Wong Kar Wai tienen imgenes deslumbrantes con tramas y subtramas intrincadamente estructuradas. A esto se suma la ambivalente atmsfera, acompaada por lo general de msica popular. l emplea constantemente narrativas paralelas, donde las vidas de los personajes se cruzan arbitrariamente, una tcnica llevada al extremo en Chungking Express, lo que demuestra su dominio al narrar dos historias diferentes. Su pelcula ms accesible, In the Mood for Love, se desarrolla en la dcada de 1960, mientras que 2.046 (2004) alterna entre los aos 1960 y un futuro surreal. En todas estas pelculas, se pide al pblico abandonar sus ideas tradicionales de tiempo, espacio y gnero cinematogrfico. Este cineasta, al igual que Jean-Luc Godard y Jean-Pierre Melville, emplea un gnero muy definido (wuxia en nuestro caso) para imprimirle su estilo muy caracterstico.

Scott A (ag) wrote: I'd say this was a pretty average film. It wasn't anything awful, nothing great either. Basically about three High School kids, but once again played by far too old actors, looking for themselves. Alexa and Ben are best friends. They both basically befriend Johnny: in sexual relationships. She does it cause she is told it will help her become a better actor, he does it to have his first sexual act.Johnny on the other hand just wants someone to care about him; he feels alone in the world.The cast is okay, but you'll really want more of Rooney Mara in a total non-goth role and she looks gorgeous, but she isn't used very much here.It's okay for a one time watch.

maya m (fr) wrote: only problem with this movie is that some main characters are never delved into to explain who the hell they are

Lee K (it) wrote: Not bad, not gripping but not bad. I think i originally watched this because i wanted at the time to see Will smith in a serious role.

Ed C (fr) wrote: Excellent action film, and quite a surprise for me. I really enjoyed this a lot, Chuck Norris knows how to kick ass.

The Stranger (br) wrote: Pretty good crime film from the 70's with Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman being outstanding as usual.

Steve M (nl) wrote: Beast of the Yellow Night Starring: John Ashley, Mary Wilcox, Eddie Garcia, Vic Diaz, and Ken Metcalfe Director: Eddie Romero Joseph Langdon (Ashley) sells his soul to Satan (Diaz) in order to avoid certain death. Satan gives him a new life as Phillip Rogers, a successful American businessman living in the Phillipines, with the express instructions to tempt those he encounters to commit corrupt and evil acts. However, he cannot bring himself to destroy Rogers' loving wife, Julia (Wilcox), nor his honorable best friend, Earl (Metcalfe). Whenever he rebels in this fashion, however, he is transformed into an unstoppable, murderous demon and remains in his form until he has eaten the flesh of a human being. Will Langdon be able to break his deal with Satan before the transformations become permanent... and before Julia falls beneath the claws of the Beast? "Beast of the Yellow Night" is a decent low-budget chiller. The acting and camera work is mostly pedestrian, although there are some nice flourishes when Langdon is conversing with Satan. The script is fast paced and it provides all the elements that one expects from a tale of this sort. A great weakness of the film, however, is that it hardly shows any of Langdon's efforts to fulfill his pact with Satan. (There are some vague hints, but I'm certain that someone who is as evil as Langdon seems to be at the beginning of the film would be working merrily toward his goal... at least until he encountered the truly decent Julia and Earl.) This is by no means a spectacular film, but it's watchable.

Angie L (fr) wrote: :down: Es una pelcula demasiado aburrida. Mi hermana y yo nos quedamos dormidas por el aburrimiento mientras la veamos. :rotten: :rotten:

Samantha C (nl) wrote: Elvis is a real live actor here. Too bad The Colonel didn't let him shine in any other movie.

President P (de) wrote: Not bad, if not pretty good. Call Northside 777 is good mystery and dramatic film; with all the departments doing a good job telling the story. In a nutshell, it's not the greatest or most memorable, but still interesting nevertheless.

Shannon T (ru) wrote: hollarious moving story.

Inta K (nl) wrote: kinda hangover style..