The Law

The Law

Set in a pre-colonial African past, Tilai is about an illicit love affair and its consequences. Saga returns to his village after an extended absence to discover that his father has taken Nogma, Saga's promised bride, for himself. Still in love with each other, the two begin an affair, although it would be considered incestuous. When the liaison is discovered, Saga's brother, Koudri, pretends to kill Saga for the honor of the family and village. Saga and Nogma flee to another village, but when Nogma's birth mother dies, he returns home. Having brought ruin on the family, Saga is shot by Koudri, who walks off into exile and probable death.

Set in a pre-colonial African past, Tilai is about an illicit love affair and its consequences. Saga returns to his village after an extended absence to discover that his father has taken ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ty M (ag) wrote: Worst animated movie ever! Nothing in it to like, stupid concept, stupid characters.

Jason D (nl) wrote: Dead in 3 Days is Austria's answer to I Know What You Did Last Summer as a group of tight-knit friends spend the first 20 minutes of the film living it up, American style after graduating high school and engaging in all sorts of sex, drinking an partying, not to mention the out-of-nowhere hitting of a deer on the road scene that led to nowhere and was completely pointless. After all that nonsense ends, the killing begins as the group suffers at the hands of a masked, hooded assailant. With the cops baffled, and the kids scared out of their wits, how are they ever going to escape from the killer? Escape...what are you, an idiot? Those wascally Austrian's are going to go to that killer's house and check things out. Yes, the story is a bunch of rubbish, but it's not a bad film considering the culture it's coming from, where horror isn't necessarily it's strong suit. There are one or two fun kills in this film, and a couple of quick titty shots to jolt some excitement into the film. Don't bother with the guessing game until the halfway point of the film where they finally reveal why on Earth some lunatic would want to focus their killer efforts on this harmless group of youths. Not great, but not bad.

Holly T (au) wrote: I have been trying to find this to watch again for over 2 and a half years now.

Alex M (ca) wrote: Equally amazing and now that I've been to Iceland... they stink even more

Dianna D (kr) wrote: Could watch over and over. Never would have expected Burt Reynolds to fill Cary Grant's shoes so well! Fast paced, funny and full of slapstick, screwball comedy!

Prasanna N (ru) wrote: one of d best movies of Rajesh Khanna .. awesome songs esp. 'kahi door jab din dhal jaaye ..'

Rebekah H (it) wrote: Doesnt live up to its title. Lots of nudity though and I rathrr enjoyed it. Especially the ending

Luke H (nl) wrote: by far one of the most amusing carry on's as this one finds the gang wandering through the jungle, with plenty of sex puns and misunderstandings. it is quite a gem for the carry on team.

Andrew M (au) wrote: I remember liking this more the first time I saw it. As Bava films go, it's pretty minor. Even as a pulp adventure movie, it's nothing spectacular.

Rob P (de) wrote: The true face of war today, completely harrowing; yet it leaves you transfixed unable to look away. This is a faceless war, hell this isn't war this is murder and completely immoral; America should be ashamed.

Jeff O (mx) wrote: So after my Suicide Squad review, I got some constructive comments like go into more details, have punctuation, and have less run on sentences. I took this all into account and have decided to spend more time on my review instead of writing it in 10 minutes at a pizza parlor. You may have thought that was going to be my only review, but unfortunately for you im bored again. But as I said i took some of your comments into account and will hopefully supply a review that your all acceptable with (cough cough sam). For today im taking things way back to 1994, the time of terrible music and outfits but what about movies. the movie im reviewing today is called in the mouth of madness. if you don't know anything bout nothin this is the third and final movie in john carpenters apocalypse trilogy. The others being the thing which is one of my personal favorites, and the prince of darkness. While there are no actual connections between these movies, the premise of these films is that some lovecraftian force is threatening to destroy the world. ill be writing reviews on these other 2 movies but decided to start with this one. Why. Fuck you thats why. well lets get into it. This movie is fucking insane. im not saying it's insanely bad. Im not saying it's insanely good. Im saying this movie is fucking crazy, but with a name like in the mouth of madness and a director like John Carpenter i guess i can't be too surprised. The movie stars Sam Neill but I'll be referring to him as Dr. Grant because thats who he'll always be too me. So in this movie Dr. Grant plays an insurance investigator who questions everybody's story. (just full warning there will be spoilers like a motherfucker so SPOILER WARNING). The opening scene starts with Dr. Grant being taken into psychiatric holding and being placed into a padded cell. While in holding Dr. Grant is plagued by visions of unknown creatures, and visions of the world coming to the end. I actually enjoyed this start and had some decent build up. What are these creatures, How did Dr. Grant end up here, and what do all these visions mean. Dr. Grant is the only one is the movie that i think gives a passable performance. the female lead played by Julie Carmen in my opinion was just terrible and weird. Her character would change personality every other scene and when her character goes mad her performance is laughable. But lets we learn through Dr Grants retelling of the story, it all starts with the disappearance of popular horror writer Suter Cane. According to the story Suter Canes writings have led his more disturbed fans to be driven insane. As Suter Canes new novel is closed to being released his fans had been going crazy waiting for it, forming mobs, starting riots, smashing up your local barnes and noble. Enters Dr. Grant who has been hired by Suter Canes publisher to find him and the manuscript for his latest novel. As Dr. Grant tries to learn more about Suter Cane he starts to read some of his books, and this is where we see the visions start for Dr. G. and we are shown these visions by Dr. Grant having a dream within a dream within a dream and within yep you guessed it another dream. Through his continued reading of Suter Canes novels, Dr. Grant discovers a map of New Hampshire with the location "Hobbs End"(which is where most of Suter Canes stories take place) in the middle of the map. Dr. Grant deduces this must be where Suter Cane is and sets off on the road to find him. But he also has to bring Carmen along because i guess shes Suter Canes editor. Up to this point i thought the movie had some decent build up but when our characters arrive at the infamous Hobbs End, thats when the story starts to unravel. And it becomes hilarious.One of the first things we see when we arrive at Hobbs End is a group of zombie children chasing a dog around, and a bunch of quick scenes or "visions" of just random shit like a kid riding his bike and then become really old, or a cop with a fucked up face beating up a homeless man. these scenes are in here to make us think "wow something weird is going on here," but we already knew that and these scenes are left unaffective. And thats basically just the rest of the movie, just a bunch of random weird shit. Like the towns people who all have guns are scared off and torn apart by a pack of dogs, or when we see an old lady that keeps her husband chained up and naked. There is a part in the movie where a lady just runs up to Dr. Grant and says fuck you and i firmly believe that was the movie telling us hey you stuck through this long your not gonna back out now, your here till the end bitch. But i have to say the biggest dissapointment in this movie is the special effects which was probably one of the best parts of Carpenters the thing. And you know they knew it was bad as they never had a solid look at the creatures in this movie and the lighting makes them barely visible. i was honestly really dissapointed in this movie and John Carpenter and so im gonna give it a 3/10

Cara F (de) wrote: Funny and entertaining, everything a spoof should be