The Lawn Boy

The Lawn Boy

A heart-warming, delightfully funny romantic comedy about a lawn boy who catches the eye of an upscale career woman. Together they must endure the pressures from their friends and family; ...

A heart-warming, delightfully funny romantic comedy about a lawn boy who catches the eye of an upscale career woman. Together they must endure the pressures from their friends and family; ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samit B (ru) wrote: When a good story mixes with great moral! Proper time invest!

Ilja L (us) wrote: Very important movie about food and health

Manny C (it) wrote: Here's a potent drama that has more scares than ten Saw movies. Enduring Love, an adaptation of Ian McEwan's 1998 novel from director Roger Michell (Notting Hill) is a focused intensely psychological thriller. Michell uses his source material to deftly plumb the violence of the mind as a runaway hot air balloon forces a science teacher (Daniel Craig, superb) and a stalker (Rhys Ifans in his best role) together. The result is spellbinding.

Yue G (de) wrote: I love Hyde & it is quite a fabulous cast. However, I hope that I haven't seen this one...

kwanjana k (au) wrote: This movie was awesome. The twist at the end took me by surprise.

matt (ru) wrote: Everyone should see this. An amazing little independent film.

Abby A (mx) wrote: It kept my interest although I wouldn't rush out to see again. I liked it.

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seth m (au) wrote: If you can find this movie its a must. Very campy.

Krishna T (mx) wrote: a very gripping tale of mistreated Indian women. This movie is true resemblance of every man's conflict of his conscience and his faith(if there is any truth in that).Really sad!

Jake A (de) wrote: The greatest start to a series that never was thanks to poor box office returns which is a shame because even though this is a relatively self contained film there was so much potential to expand thanks to the novels this film was based on. Russell Crowe and Paul Bettany are fantastic in the lead roles and have great chemistry between one another and the supporting cast are also solid with their interactions feeling extremely realistic which are all helped by the well written script. The action scenes are stellar while being grounded and realistic in their approach without needing over the top special effects and long drawn out fights. The score is equally emotional and bombastic which helps both the character driven scenes and the action. The production is faultless with the locations being stunning while the plot may be relatively basic it serves its function to allow us to go on this journey with these characters we grow to care about which is one area out of many I love about this film.