The Lawnmower Man

The Lawnmower Man

A simple man is turned into a genius through the application of computer science.

A scientist performs experiments involving intelligence enhancing drugs and virtual reality on a simple-minded gardener. He puts the gardener on an extensive schedule of learning, and quickly he becomes brilliant. But at this point the gardener has a few ideas of his own on how the research should continue, and the scientist begins losing control of his experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (it) wrote: Review:You know a movie must be bad if Danny Trejo is the best thing in it! Anyway, this movie is awful, but in some ways I think that it was deliberately made be be so bad, that you actually find it amusing. The acting is terrible, from a Z class cast, and the storyline was, just about, watchable. The Zombies looked like they were made of rubber and the splatters on the screen were dreadful. The narrating got on my nerves and the leading character was a joke. As for the ladies, they really need to go back to acting school. I just hope that there isn't a sequel. Terrible!Round-Up:Poor Danny Trejo! For some unknown reason, I keep on hiring out his movies just to have a laugh. The thing is, in real life, the guy is quite a comedian so I don't know why they always make him look like a hard nut with mental issues. In this film he really does put the other actors to shame, but I'm not surprised after he has starred in millions of movies. As for the other actors, if you can call them that, they seem like they just wanted to say that they had starred in a movie because they really are bad. It's not surprising that I haven't seen them before, and hopefully won't see them again. In all, a total waste of time.I recommend this movie to people who are I to there trashy zombie movies without much storyline, but loads of blood. 1/10

Robert H (it) wrote: COLOMBIANA, while a highly entertaining revenge film with a strong female lead, is let down by cliched storytelling and lack of character development. The story is about Cataleya, a woman whose parents were murdered when she was a child. She then becomes an assassin who sets out to avenge her parents' deaths. As far as the action is concerned, I was pleasantly surprised that Olivier Megaton reined in his tendency to over-shoot and edit. The action sequences were all well put-together and comprehensible, although a final act fight scene in a bathroom kind of dipped back into what I generally don't like about modern action sequences. As far as acting was concerned, nobody gave a bad performance (even the actress who played young Cataleya), but it's a shame that they had such a poor script to work with. The weakest part of this movie, and what really does it in, is the story. The audience is never given a window into who Cataleya is or even care aside from the fact that her parents were murdered in front of her. As an adult, she is emotionally distant and has very little personality. Sure, you could say that it's part of the character but I didn't find it very compelling. There's also the issue of everything in the plot being implausible and convoluted. Again, this is escapist entertainment but a lot of those elements really took me out of the movie. Ultimately, though, I had a decent time. The film is by no means boring, but there are a lot of better ones which tackle similar subject matter, e.g., Luc Besson's Leon, which this is perhaps to similar to.

Jacob M (ca) wrote: I thought the movie was very good! I'm glad you're making a sequel!

Michael T (ca) wrote: Definitely a good Spanish thriller to watch if you haven't seen it!

Anthony H (ag) wrote: I don't even play/watch hockey but the symbolism of working hard to be a champion is universal.

Felipe F (fr) wrote: Alejandro Gonzlez Iarritu's expertise is further attested with 21 Grams, a hauntingly crafted drama with full bodied characters.

Chris W (nl) wrote: A wonderfully played romance that understands love and the audience it is striving for.

Joel A (us) wrote: A cute playing it safe comedy about struggling Hollywood Agent Billy Crystal who accidentally stumbles across a local Romanian Giant.As you assume Billy immediately pushes him into films although his heart is else where. It's a moral film with a message of what's important.It has a few nice moments but it's nothing amazing but has it's's always good to learn some new Billy Crystal one liners.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: The absolute best American Gialllo!! David Keith is amazing. Too bad he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

kel k (jp) wrote: I'd recommend this to scare the heck out of your kids because thats what happened to me when i saw it on TV. as far as the acting goes its worth it just to watch how bad it can be (utube some of the scenes, you won't be disappointed) Yeti Vision is amazing! Yvette Mimieux's snow suit ain't bad either

Tracey c (nl) wrote: Robert Mitchum - renaissance man? You better believe it as Bob besides. naturally doing the lead acting honours, is credited with the original story-line, cops a production credit and even co-writes the winsome "Whipoorwill" ballad which frequents the movie. The movie itself comes off like a contemporary "beat" novel set to film, an unglamorous story of moonshine whisky transporters living just outside the law with Mitchum's Luke Doolan's character as talismanic main driver, not part of any team, but somehow the lightning rod around whom the whole story sparks. While obviously low-budget, there's a good cast here who give the film an ensemble feel and if you can ignore the obvious process "driving in my car" shots, there are also some exciting car chases, particularly the concluding one which sees Doolan meet his demise. Mitchum even introduces us to his son James in a prominent acting role and while he, not unnaturally, seems too young to be his old man's kid brother, he certainly seems like a chip off the old block. I also like the actresses who respectively play Doolan's mother, not above dispensing some peremptory corporal punishment when Mitchum Junior steps out of line and also the girl singer who gets as close as anyone to getting under Mitchum's tough skin as love interest. No beauty and obviously contrasted with the prettier more youthful girl with a major crush on Mitchum, their "love" scenes (I'm stretching the term) com across with engaging naturalism and realism. Perhaps the film has a little too many sub-plots and characters for its own good and it takes some while to find its rhythm, but once it settles, it finds a kinetic energy which keeps you watching and draws you into its small world, inspiring genuine interest in the characters. I also just wonder if it inspired Bruce Springsteen's famous song of the same name, several years later...

Mathue E (us) wrote: stupid movie, with good potential. what the hell?