The Lazarus Project

The Lazarus Project

After Ben Garvey foolishly turned back to crime, he thought his life was over when he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. But his death sentence isn't quite what it seems, as Ben regains consciousness near an eerie psychiatric ward, where he's told he's been hired as the groundskeeper. With the state of his soul in question, and the love for his wife and daughter all the more real and powerful, Ben must figure out if he's truly cheated death, or if he's become part of something far more sinister.

Ben Garvey is a hard worker living a simple life with his wife Lisa and her adorable daughter Katie. Everything seem fine and was sacked Ben. Rick - Ben';;s brother is released from prison and he invites Ben to join in a gold theft. But Rick, Phelps and a security guard die while Ben is executed for murder. He is sentenced death by an poison arrow. After his death, Ben works as a housekeeper for Father Ezra - Minister Angel in Dundee, Oregon. Ben is still unforgettable his wife and small child so he begs Ezra giving him a opportunity to return and a clear reason "Why is his life so tragic?" . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Lazarus Project torrent reviews

Jason S (fr) wrote: it was alright not the best however

Borhan K (de) wrote: A Perfect Day is a drama based on the War in the Balkans. The story revolves around an AID group that fix wells in the war torn country.The story is simple they have a well with a corpse in it and they need rope to get the body out and this is where the adventure starts.The amount of road blocks and challenges they have is amazing just to get back to the well and get the body out so they can make the well clean again and usable.I was surprised when watching this movie it was not half that bad,Although a drama it had some comic relief as well with Tim Robins character always had something funny to say always looking at the bright side of the war.He reminded me of my uncle in Canada, they same kinda sense of humor and even the white beard.The subject matter is adult so I would say no kids allowed the kids would find it boring anyway.A good small cast and a story well told.

Daniel K (br) wrote: "Not One Less" greatly succeeds in depicting the country life of many remote villages in China. It gives great perspective and insight into the lives of a young woman and her class, and shows the hardships undergone in order to recover an estranged student within the class. It also helps demonstrate the hardworking nature of Chinese folk, city and country folk alike. The attitudes of the characters do a superb job in painting the hardships of life in the country and city. The film demonstrates the triumph of the human spirit and is a true testament to diligence and courage. "Not One Less" succeeds in where most western films about China fail, to paint a pure and genuine picture of China, without the sugar coated sweetness of Hollywood. The raw emotion depicted by the actors only enhances a genuine, quality, pure film, if you want to learn about life in China, this movie couldn't help you any better.

Slothbear T (kr) wrote: Miike prooves he's more than flesh and blood

Colin A (ca) wrote: Yeah...this movie sucks. It is loosely based upon "12 Angry Men," (which can be seen on television in one scene and is used as a minor plot device). One of the biggest differences between them is that the 1957 version was a drama while this is a comedy. The other big difference is that the former stared Henry Fonda, one of the best actors of all time, while this one stars Pauly Shore, who should not even have an acting career. Now all that being said... why was this made? Did they really expect people to pay money for this? Very little of this movie provided any humor, and the few times I did laugh, it was mostly due to the fact that the gags were so pathetically unfunny by nature that they actually became funny by default, if that makes any sense at all. This film really deserves to get lower than two stars, but I am being lenient because as bad as it is, I did not feel like I was "harmed" by it. I would compare it to something like "Dude, Where's My Car?": it is not funny, but you are aware that you are seeing something stupid and are just watching it for the sake of wasting your time. That being said, at least "Dude" had a catchy title and had the sensibility to come up with its own weird story-line as opposed to trashing the legacy of a movie of far superior quality. Therefore, I do not recommend this film.

Sonya D (kr) wrote: Good movie even though it can be disturbing to some people. This is a true story and I just can't believe what that woman was doing. My heart goes out to all those babies that died.

Paul Z (ag) wrote: You haven't seen a sex scene till you've seen an Almodovar film. First of all, here we have Antonio Banderas playing one of the most lighthearted psychopaths in movie history, and once again not only does Almodovar supply a rich and passionate cast of colorful female characters but he allows his movies to wail and swelter and thrash. Sex isn't a pan to a window; sex is passionate fucking, not pornographic but soiled and feverish. The curtains don't flap, bodies and sheets sizzle.

Victor M (au) wrote: Like other DVD from our collection, we find this one in a bargain. An extraordinary documental about the disastrous Altamont Free Concert given by The Rolling Stones at the end of their USA 1969 tour. Special mention to the fragments of Tina Turner presentation for her sensual singing "I've been loving you too long"

Irvin C (de) wrote: A wandering samurai stumbles upon three men who has kidnapped a young woman. It turns out they're peasants who are desperate to make the ruthless administrator listen to them. He takes up their cause. It's no "Seven Samurai" (but then again, few things are) but the film still is simply a lean, mean, exciting samurai flick (of the samurai-helping-underdog subgenre). If you love samurai movies, this is a wonderful solid entry to the genre.

John D (fr) wrote: I remember as a kid when my father used me to buy a Betamax tape on this one. And that funky Enter the Dragon intro tune is just hardcore! Enter the Dragon made me became not just a Bruce Lee fan. But a martial arts fan in general. I can't imagine any other actor that can do Bruce Lee's charisma. I mean wow, just simply look at him. His incredible physique and talent as a leading actor. I would say, this film is so funky, with that 70's music style and that mixed up very well with the martial arts theme and the characterization. You can see in each other's martial arts abilities. This is 70's and some martial arts nor action fight scenes of today, are still imitating some of the well choreographed moves of Enter the Dragon. I used to love some of the characters such as Williams and that Afro guy Roper and their roles fits them so well. If you used to be a gamer and played Tekken. Now we're talking. In short, this Bruce Lee film made him not just a popular actor, but an Icon. And this film is Iconic. 5 stars all the way!

Justin A (ag) wrote: It wash't as bad as I remembered, but still a major step down. I compared Hellraiser 2 to Dream Warriors, and if that is the case, Hellraiser 3 is more like A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master. Higher production values, arguably better direction, tighter editing, but just flat overall. Anthony Hickox is a more exciting director than Tony Randel, but the action feels out of place for this Hellraiser series. The gimmicky cenobites is really cheesy and definitely takes this once original and creepy franchise into MTV territory. It reminds me a bit of Robocop, where it's obviously an ultra violent movie for adults, yet you can't help but get the feeling it's marketed for kids to sell new cenobite toys. I remember hating this movie as a kid (I saw the first four when I was about 10/11-years-old), so even if this movie was intended to sell toys (which would be dumb as hell if it was the case) they did a terrible job. The acting has its ups and downs. Terry Farrell is actually a pretty good lead (and possibly the best in the series), but the rest of the cast is either hit or miss. I would likely put a lot of the blame on the script, though, as there wasn't much to work with and a lot of the dialogue is cringe worthy. It's unfortunate too, because the editing was better and the movie was more polished, but Anthony Hickox may have been the wrong person to be at the helm for this movie. Not recommended.

Paulie T (kr) wrote: Should've been best picture of 1986.

Mallory A (mx) wrote: The ragin' Cajun runs this.

Claire H (ru) wrote: Some really weird movie. The animation is dumb and the plot is stupid. Feel sorry for the poor kids in the theater and the older kids and parents sitting next to them. Your kids deserve better. The environmental message is good, but there are so many other movies out there that you and your kids can watch instead of this one. Find something else, like Zootopia.